Now time for something political...

Now friends, I realize that this is a place for music
and I shouldn't be using is to promote my own views,
but I wrote this 'article' I suppose you could call it
because I feel that despite all the controversies
constantly cycling through the mean stream media,
there is still much that has yet to be talked about
that is truly effecting most US citizens in extremely
negative ways and I had to at least attempt to
bring this at least a little bit more into the light.
I understand if you think I should have kept
my views and opinions to myself and I understand
is you refuse to forgive me for tainting the realm
of music lovers with things such as this,
but I can promise you that even if what
I have written fails to reach you or enlighten you,
then this documentary will enlighten you on at least
some of them things I mention. If you don't
think you'll gain anything from this post,
then just simply move on to the next.
But, if you do find any of this enlightening,
then please spread the word! Help end the corruption!
Thank you.

I burned a twenty dollar bill today...
Burning money is technically illegal,
but only silver and gold count as legal, constitutional
currency, so our paper money means absolutely nothing.
I can burn it all I want and anyone who'd try to lock me up
would clearly be doing so out of ignorance.

As for needing it to buy shit...
I'm a drop out living with his parents
and I still got a couple of semesters
left at the school I'm taking classes at,
so money means nothing to me right now

anyway... I'm just pissed because I know the end of our country
will be in my life time. Not only is our money fake,
but Bush has already signed an agreement
that eventually, within my lifetime, The USA,
Canada, and Mexico will form together
and become known as The North American Union.
This will mean that the constitution,
which no one pays attention to anyway,
will become completely obsolete
and will no longer effect nor protect anyone.
It'll be rewritten by the same people
who knowingly do things to hurt the nation
simply because it benefits them
as they keep most of us completely in the dark
about many of the real issues.

The worst part is that we will beg them
to do it. We will demand that they strip
us of our natural rights and freedoms.
Obviously, most of the people won't realize
what they're asking for and will most likely
be doing so out of ignorance and fear.

Sure, it would seem that we, as a whole,
are making progress and finally taking a stand.
I mean, most of the people you see on TV and in the movies
are now liberal and are constantly fighting for
their natural rights to be restored to them
and although they are making some differences
and their intentions are mostly good,
the government, the banks, the big business,
the main stream media... All of them
are merely using them to their advantage.

They allow the TV stations to broadcast
both sides of the debates on things
that are important to us as people,
but will neither harm nor save the nation
nor our (or theirs) livelihoods. This makes half of the people
feel like they have a choice and that they
are making a difference in this nation
while making the other half stop paying
attention all together, thus distracting
the majority of us from the major things
truly effecting us such as unconstitutional money
constantly being printed which keeps making our money
worth less and less, nutrients being taken out of
our foods while chemicals are put in to replace them
causing breakouts of diseases which could easily
be other wise prevented, and chloroform in the water which
has been proven to be connected to lower IQ levels in children,
cause a more sedated state in which foreign
countries have used during times of war
to keep their people from rebelling and it has also been
directly connected to cancer.

These are just a few the the problems
that our country faces which you think
would be major topics anywhere you look,
but have rarely even been brought up at all.
They're not kept hidden from us, there just not
talked about.

It's obvious to anyone that the amount of air time
TV shows have is not an issue here.
Anytime the news is not talking about guy marriages,
Iraq, or the president, they fill up the rest of their
air time promoting movies or talking about
movie/TV/music/sport stars and what little
petty crime they have recently been busted for
and although these are trivial matters that could
easily be summed up in under ten minutes,
they feel the need to stretch stories about them
to an hour long segment, once a day for three weeks straight.

They do this because almost every TV station
is owned by the same group of rich men who's great
grand fathers started the federal bank
which is now mainly in control of the nation's money,
which is supposed to be controlled by
the legislative branch, which the president
is at the head of. But, since they keep turning
to the federal government to print out more money
just for them, the legislative branch is now
all but completely obsolete. This means that
the government and the federal bank
are almost forced to work together,
which means that the federal bank now has a large influence
on laws being written and signed and the government
now has an extremely large influence on anything
that is put on TV or in the movies, which has now
almost completely replaced books thanks to the help
of constant main stream media exposure,
drugged public waters, and never ending
distractions and worries about things that don't matter.

The nation is now so uncomfortable
with reading that we would really rather
just be read too... But, even then, that's too boring
for us, so you need to put some actors
and special effects behind it to keep us
interested. Also, at this point, you might as well
change the entire story because no one really knows
what the story originally was, so they wouldn't
question it even slightly!

You really have to give it up to the rich and powerful
for being able to think all of this out...
They've even got ways so they don't even
have to try to cover anything up!
We've been so fooled into thinking
that our government would never do anything
wrong and that if you question them, you're
either unpatriotic and a crazed schizophrenic!
All they have to do is avoid giving an answer
and make sure the questions come up as
few times as possible and they've got it made!
This nation's people are all screwed and we've been
raised to either not think about it or not care...

I'd leave, but there's only a matter of time
until there's no place left to run.


Anonymous said...

Dear Chase The Drummer,

I have just discovered your blog and your political artical. I have to say that I felt good reading your thoughts, especially in view of your blog, too. I don't think that your ideas and feelings about developments within politics are out of place here! Much to the contrary, I think music has always been a vehicle against the 'mean stream' as you rightly call it, especially in the late 60s and early 70s.

You seem to be a pretty sensible and intelligent person. I am exactly 20 years older than you, and I wish I had discovered all this great music on your blog when I was your age. My life might well have been different had I read and understood The Prophet or any other works by Gibran when I was 19. It fills me with joy to see that there are young lads like you who know what life is really all about.

From your article I can see that you seem to fear a little the things that show on the horrizon. It may not be of much help, but I would like to ensure you that all those things are not going to happen. They are strong, but we are stronger! We are getting more and more, a new consciousness is popping up everywhere in the world quickly. We are in the process of changing the world. That is why I dig so much what you are doing on this blog.

Keep on rocking and "sticking it to the man",

The Fonk

Chase The Drummer said...

Thanks man!
I honestly didn't think anyone
would even read this and would just
go straight to downloading the music.
Nice to know I'm wrong, heh.
I'm glad you enjoy the blog and I
really hope you're right about
the new consciousness man!

Anonymous said...

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