Pentangle - Basket Of Light - 1969

This is yet another folk rock album, but this is one
that I can honestly suggest to anyone! Pentangle features
some of the most astounding female vocal abilities I have ever heard!
But, for those of you for whatever reason just don't like the sound
of a chick singer, there's also a guy singer too, so you can dig it too.
This album has a very odd take on music and I guarantee you
that you will never hear anything quite like the opening track
'Light Flight' which is enough to blow any one's mind away.
It might not be as loved by those into the more heavy scenes,
but it's still put together and thought out well enough
that pretty much anyone with an interest in music
will find something interesting about it and will have to
give these brilliant minds props.

Track Listing

1. Light Flight - 3:19

2. Once I Had A Sweetheart - 4:42

3. Springtime Promises - 4:09

4. Lyke-Wake Dirge - 3:37

5. Train Song - 4:48

6. Hunting Song - 6:45

7. Sally Go Round Roses - 3:41

8. The Cuckoo - 4:30

9. House Carpenter - 5:30


glart said...

Thanks, man. This is a classic.

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