Despite popular belief...

It's not just classic rock that I listen to.
Yes, in most cases I do prefer it over any other style,
but as an artist I do realize that all music is good,
it just depends on what you personally like.
I therefor I'm always keeping an open ear
for new sounds that might catch my interest.
After all, it's not very progressive to stick to just one thing.
Normally I just post old school stuff and that's both
because it's my favorite type of music and because
it's dieing in today's culture and I think there needs to be
more people spreading it to keep it alive for future generations.
But, there are some musicians that are a bit more recent
that I really enjoy and I'd like to share their music,
but at the moment I don't feel like uploading multiple albums,
so instead I'll just post a few videos. If you hear anything
that you'd like to hear more of, just let me know
and I'll upload it for you.

"Shut Me Up" by Mindless Self Indulgence

MSI is probably one of the most independent and original bands around today. Granted this song could easily be considered as techno/punk, but a lot of their songs just really can't be defined. I picked this song because it, and it's video, makes me laugh. The video was directed by Jhonen Vasquez (creator of Invader Zim and JtHM) and I am a huge fan of his work, so when I heard he directed a video, I just had to see it and next thing I knew I was listening to nothing but MSI for a week straight, heh.

"Henrietta" by The Fratellis

Here's a really fun upbeat band which could get almost anyone to get up and dance, heh. It's no wonder one of their songs was used in an iPod commercial! I can hear some rockabilly, jazz, and blues influences among many other things and really it all just comes together perfectly! Also, I like the lead singer's choice in hats, heh.

"Jazz(We've Got)/Buggin' Out" by A Tribe Called Quest

Here's the group that pretty much invented jazz rap, but it's not like you really hear too many others doing it... Still, some of the most brilliant rhymes I've ever heard! The bass parts in the song and the album it was on(The Low End Theory)were all played by famous jazz bassist Ron Carter, so don't assume they're just like every other rapper directly ripping beats and music from other musicians' albums. If you're not into rap at all, you probably won't care too much for them, but if you're into jazz, then this could be what gets you more into hip hop.

"Sitting, Waiting, Wishing" by Jack Johnson

Now here's an act I got into while I was still living in Hawaii. Jack Johnson lived on the same island as me and naturally his music was huge there before it reached the main land(the rest of the country). It was pretty rare to go a whole day without hearing his music at least once, but thankfully I liked it the first time I heard it and it never really got annoying. I think I was drawn to it because some of his songs have strong blues influences and a lot of them have really good reggae bass lines some of which kind of remind me of Bob Marley's "Stir It Up". But really, I guess most of his music is highly reggae influenced... Yet some how it just can't be classified as such. Still, sounds really good and it's always good relaxing music.

"Goodnight Goodnight" by Hot Hot Heat
Hot Hot Heat Goodnight

I remember when I was first really getting into music and I used to watch MTV, Fuse, and VH1 all the time just hoping to see a video I actually liked which sadly wasn't too often... Still, among the music videos I did like was "Bandages" by Hot Hot Heat. I think I liked it so much because the video was so bizarre and the music actually stood out. It was so raw, but yet not really heavy at all. Then their next album came out and by this time I knew way more about music. I heard this song and was blown away by how much it reminded me of The Beatles! Although, looking back, it might have been mostly because of their accents... I thought it was weird how it sounded almost nothing like their last album and wasn't nearly as raw. The album was more pop than anything! Still, there was a few really good songs on it with experimental guitar parts and the singer's got a good voice, so it's not horrible. Still, this song sounds really good to me and is pretty catchy too!

"I Will Survive" by Cake

Yes, this is a cover of Gloria Gaynor's 1978 "I Will Survive", but I honestly prefer this version more. Some people don't like the vocal work, but I think it's got a slight Sinatra feel behind it. Though, it might just be me... Still, cake is another really original band and always has been. They've always just done their own thing and they're loved because of it too! They also do a few other interesting covers such as "War Pigs" by Black Sabbath and "Mahna, Mahna" by Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem(muppet's band). Definitely worth giving a listen to!

"King Without A Crown" by Matisyahu

A Jewish reggae rapper. As soon as you hear that, you probably think it's either a joke or something, but no, it actually sounds really really good. The music and vocals both sound amazing. Personally, I prefer his original version of this song since it was way more raw and down to earth as if they could have been playing some kind of bar or something, but sadly only this second version of it had a video. Still, this version is amazing too, so no worry.

Well, I guess that should be enough for now...
I might do something like this some other time.
Anyway, as I said before, let me know if you want
any of the albums these songs are on!