Art - Supernatural Fairy Tales - 1967

This a great album. Technically this is Art's only album
because after this one they added Gary Wright and
changed their band name to Spooky Tooth.
Honestly, it doesn't bring much new to the table,
but if you're into the psych of the late 60s,
then you should really give this one a listen.
Their cover of Buffalo Springfield's "For What It's Worth"
is fairly good, but "Room With A View" would probably
be my favorite on this album. A few great songs on this
album, yeah, but sadly... What really drew me to
this one was just it's awesome cover art, heh.
Still, if you're looking for some more 60s psych
to add to your collection, then you should
definitely check this album out!

Track Listing

1. I Think I'm Going Weird - 3:21

2. What's That Sound (For What It's Worth) - 2:50

3. African Thing - 4:07

4. Room With A View - 3:40

5. Flying Anchors - 2:43

6. Supernatural Fairy Tale - 3:37

7. Love Is Real - 3:19

8. Come On Up - 3:02

9. Brothers, Dads, And Mothers - 3:30

10. Talkin' To Myself - 1:42

11. Alive Not Dead - 2:14

12. Rome Take Away Three - 3:00


The Kinks - Lola Versus Powerman And The Moneygoround, Part One - 1970

Sorry guys, I don't feel much like typing today,
but I decided to upload an album anyway since it's
been a couple of days, so here you go! I'll make this short...

The Kinks, a great band. This, as you can probably tell
from the album's title, is the album with the song Lola,
one of their biggest hits, on it which tells a story loosely
based off of a night that Robert Wace (band manager)
spent 'dancing' with a transvestite. I can only imagine
how long the band made fun of him for it, heh.
So yeah, great song. Great album. Great band.
Check it out if you've got time!

Track Listing

1. The Contenders - 2:42

2. Strangers - 3:20

3. Denmark Street - 2:02

4. Get Back In Line

5. Lola - 4:01

6. Top Of The Pops - 2:40

7. The Moneygoround - 1:46

8. This Time Tomorrow - 3:21

9. A Long Way From Home - 2:27

10. Rats - 2:40

11. Apeman - 3:52

12. Powerman - 4:18

13. Got To Be Free - 3:01

14. Lola [Bonus] [Mono single version] - 4:08

15. Apeman [Demo] - 3:41

16. Powerman [Demo]


This shirt is an artistic statement!

The all seeing eye.

Everyone who knows me knows that is you leave me in a room with
anything that could possibly be used in an artistic way
for long enough, eventually there will be some form of art
that'll take place. Now, I consider myself I musician, a poet,
a writer, and even a novice philosopher in certain situations,
but one thing I have a difficult time considering myself is
an artist in terms of drawing. However, I did like some of the
things I used to sketch without even noticing that my hand
was moving, so I started drawing more and more and although
I still don't think I'm any good at it, I thought I'd grab a plain white
shirt and some sharpies and hope that something good comes of it.
Luckily for me, it actually turned out pretty good and if I'm ever
on stage again, you can bet I'll be wearing it! With an undershirt to
keep the sweat off of course. I plan on making more 'artistic shirts'
later on and hopefully they'll turn out either better or at least as
good as this one, but for now, here's some pics of this one.

The back.

The front.

Close up of the name.

I know it's kind of blurry and hard to fully make out,
so sorry about my shakey camera hand, heh.
Also, if you couldn't read the blue words on the side,
they read 'Freedom over life' which basically just means
that I'd rather be free then safe and freedom is
more then worth dieing for. An over used message,
maybe, but it's still a good one that I feel very
strongly about. Anyway, tell me what you think!


The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Axis Bold As Love - 1967/1968

So, I realized how much of a disgrace it was for me
to have uploaded Fat Mattress without even one Hendrix
album on this blog, so here you go. My favorite Hendrix studio album!

This is considered one of the most ground breaking albums
of all time and anyone who knows anything about music
will agree with that. Every song on here is absolutely genius.
There are just some things that cannot possibly get any better
and this album is just one of them. Normally, if you claimed to
like this kind of music but didn't already have this album,
chances are I, and anyone else, would feel obligated to ridicule you,
but the great thing about the Internet is that it's so easy
to stay anonymous and besides, that's not what this blog is about,
so your welcome. Anyway, here's one of the best albums
of all time and I hope you enjoy!

Track Listing

1. EXP - 1:55

2. Up From The Skies - 2:57

3. Spanish Castle Magic - 3:06

4. Wait Until Tomorrow - 3:02

5. Ain't No Telling - 1:50

6. Little Wing - 2:27

7. If 6 Was 9 - 5:33

8. You Got Me Floatin' - 2:48

9. Castles Made Of Sand - 2:47

10. She's Sp Fine - 2:39

11. One Rainy Wish - 3:43

12. Little Miss Lover - 2:24

13. Bold As Love - 4:12


Fat Mattress - Fat Mattress I - 1969

So, a while back I read an article in a magazine about Jimi
Hendrix and in the article it was mentioned that his bass player,
Noel Redding, had a band called Fat Mattress which they often
used as an opening act to save time on finding one.
It apparently annoyed Hendrix a little because this meant
that Noel would be getting paid twice for the same gig,
so he'd often make fun of it. I thought this was a pretty
interesting story, but I never put too much thought into it
until I was listening to the song 'She's So Fine' on Hendrix'
album 'Axis Bold As Love' and Immediately I noticed that
it sounded a lot different from the rest of the songs on the
album and it was definitely not Hendrix singing,
so I did a little research and found out that Noel both
wrote and sung the song. I really liked the sound of it,
so I decided to find a Fat Mattress album and check it out.
The album is surprisingly good and sounds a lot like
the style of 'She's So Fine' except without Hendrix'
bad ass guitar playing. Still, although it would have been nice
to hear Hendrix play on a few more Noel songs, the album
is still really good and original and should really be given a chance
by anyone who likes Jimi Hendrix and the Experience.

Track Listing

1. All Night Drinker - 3:10

2. I Don't Mind - 3:46

3. Bright New Day - 3:30

4. Petrol Pump Assistant - 2:58

5. Mister Moonshine - 4:04

6. Magic Forest - 2:49

7. She Came In The Morning - 4:00

8. Everything's Blue - 2:44

9. Walking Through A Garden - 3:20

10. How Can I Live - 4:04

11. Little Girl In White - 4:09

12. Margarita - 3:54

13. Which Way To Go - 4:14

14. Future Days - 4:02

15. Cold Wall Of Stone - 2:24

Donovan - A Gift From a Flower to a Garden - 1967/1968

This was probably the first Donovan album I ever had
and it really did paint a colorful image what of Donovan
was all about! In short, the album cover is actually a perfect
match for the music, heh. Like most of Donovan's music,
it's very laid back and mellow, mostly acid folk, and incorporates
many different sounds from all over the world, but this one
is one of his earlier and more psychedelic album. Needless to say,
a young modern day wannabe hippie instantly fell in love
with this album and immediately started searching for more
Donovan albums! A lot of people compare him to Bob Dylan,
but it's really hard to hear way in this album. It almost seems
comparable to Syd Barrett's first solo album, 'The Madcap Laughs'!
This album is perfect for listening to while you're laying in
a valley full of flowers away from the sight of others on a sunny day
I know that sounds like an odd description, but trust me,
you'll understand once you hear it! Really, any fan of the hippie
counter culture in any way will love this album!

Track Listing

1. Wear Your Love Like Heaven - 2:27

2. Mad John's Escape - 2:21

3. Skip-A-Long Sam - 2:26

4. Sun - 3:17

5. There Was A Time - 2:03

6. Oh Gosh - 1:49

7. Little Boy In Corduray - 2:34

8. Under The Greenwood Tree - 1:58

9. Land Of Doesn't Have To Be - 2:30

10. Someone's Singing - 3:06

11. Song Of The Naturalist's Wife - 2:47

12. Enchanted Gypsy - 3:22

13. Voyage Into The Golden Screen - 3:16

14. Isle Of Islay - 2:24

15. Mandolin Man And His Secret - 3:35

16. Lay Of The Last Tinker - 1:50

17. The Tinker And The Crab - 2:54

18. Widow With Shawl (A Portrait) - 3:03

19. Lullaby Of Spring - 3:27

20. Magpie - 1:31

21. Starfish-On-The-Toast - 2:48

22. Epistle To Derroll - 5:49

Blind Faith - Self Titled - 1969

After Just three years with the enormously successful
Cream, Eric Clapton decided he was tired of it and,
taking Ginger Baker (drums) with him, started yet another
super group which, despite only releasing one album,
has also become someone of a legend and trust be,
it's not just because of an album cover that is still
considered extremely provocative today, heh.

Blind Faith isn't anywhere near as psychedelic as Cream,
but instead is way more blues influenced which is
just the kind of thing anyone would expect from Clapton.
Still, I guess it didn't matter how badly Clapton wanted
to be a traditional blues musician since Ginger Baker
made sure to provide drum beats and patterns that
obviously influenced Mitch Mitchell who was the drummer
for Hendrix, heh. Any fan of blues, whether it be traditional
or blues rock, will love this as well as any fan Cream.
Also, if you're looking for an album with some great riffs
and solos backed up by a great band, then you too might
wanna get this album, heh.

Track Listing

1. Had To Cry Today - 8:48

2. Can't Find My Way Home - 3:16

3. Well... Alright - 4:27

4. Presence Of The Lord - 4:48

5. Sea Of Joy - 5:22

6. Do What You Like - 15:18


Procol Harum - Self Titled -1967

Yes, A Whiter Shade Of Pale might be the only song
people really know by Procol Harum, but nonetheless,
this is still a great band and a great album!
This came out in the late 60s, but it sounds almost
like either early 60s or late 50s influenced
by the later years of The Beatles. I know that's
chronologically impossible, but if it did some how
happen, then this is exactly what the end result
would have been. They album is very mellow dramatic
and has a very odd vibe about it that really doesn't
get the credit it deserves. Also, I really love the
uses of organ and piano! Maybe not everyone
will love this album as much as I do, but one thing
I am sure of is that anyone, no matter what they listen to,
will be able to stand it, so you can use it as an introduction
into old school music for all your friends who only listen
to the radio, heh. All in all, it's a great album
and anyone who likes it's first track, A Whiter Shade Of Pale,
will like the rest of the album too.

Track Listing

1. A Whiter Shade Of Pale - 4:10

2. Conquistador - 2:41

3. She Wandered Through The Garden Fence - 3:27

4. Something Following Me - 3:41

5. Mabel - 1:56

6. Cerdes (Outside The Gates Of) - 5:06

7. A Christmas Camel - 4:52

8. Kaleidoscope - 2:56

9. Salad Days (Are Here Again) 3:41

10. Good Captain Clack - 1:33

11. Repent Walpurgis - 5:03

12. Lime Street Blues - 3:01

13. Homburg - 3:57

14. Monsieur Armand - 2:25

15. Seem To Have The Blues (Mostly All The Time) - 2:46

Blue Cheer - Vincebus Eruptum - 1968

Blue Cheer was once the loudest band in the world
and if Black Sabbath is the father of metal,
then that makes Blue Cheer the grand father of it.
This is another blues rock album, but it's
way heavier then most blues rock you'll
hear to date! They rocked so hard and played
so loud that Dickie Peterson, lead singer and bass player,
has literally developed callouses his eardrums!
Look it up, it's true. They're one of the many bands
to have played the song Summertime Blues,
but their version is still the most well known and loved
and Rush, who has also played the song, has cited them
as being a major influence for them. There's still some debate,
but lots of people will tell you that modern metal would
not even exist without these guys! Not only that,
but Blue Cheer has really lasted the test of time
and is still touring and has even recently released
a new studio album entitled 'What Doesn't Kill You...'
which is actually really good too! Seriously,
if you haven't checked this band out already,
then do so as a favor to yourself. Now.

Track Listing

1. Summertime Blues - 3:47

2. Rock Me Baby - 4:23

3. Doctor Please - 7:52

4. Out Of Focus - 3:58

5. Parchmant Farm - 5:50

6. Second Time Around - 6:18

The Beatles - Revolver - 1966

I'm pretty sure everyone saw this coming
especially since I've already posted all of their movies.
Yes, despite how underground a lot of the albums
I upload are, I've decided to upload an album from the
most known band of all time; The Beatles.

Now, I had always enjoyed The Beatles' music
every since I was a small child, but really just didn't
know too much about them and I only knew
about a handful of their songs too, but then when I was
about fifteen, I started to really get into them.
I bought one album from them and constantly watched
The Yellow Submarine, but then one day while hanging out
with my good friend James, he showed me a huge box of
vinyl albums he found that not even he knew where it
came from! He pulled out an album seemingly at random
and it just so happened to be The Beatles' album Revolver.
Luckily, he had recently gotten a record player
(the same kind I myself now have), so he just threw the album on
and every since then we have both been addicted
to the psych music and culture.

Honestly, there is just not enough to say about this album!
The Beatles were the greatest band ever and every album
they released was and still is amazing and loved by people
all over the world. Without them, it's almost a fact that
not just music, but the entire world too would have been
completely different. To this day, you can still feel a strong
Beatles influence on music and pop culture. It might not be
as obvious as it once was, but if you pay close attention,
you can always point it out.

The album was one of the albums that got the world
into the psychedelic counter-culture of the 60s and 70s
and even today it still sounds just as fresh and original as ever.
I've said I've loved albums before, but this one
is my soul mate, dammit! You probably already have this one,
but if not, you need to get it right now! Luckily for you,
myself, and many others, have uploaded it so that don't
have to go through the embarrassment of admitting
to the cool, knowledgeable record store clerk that you
don't already have this. You're welcome. :]

Track Listing

1. Taxman - 2:39

2. Eleanor Rigby - 2:08

3. I'm Only Sleeping - 3:02

4. Love You To - 3:01

5. Here, There, And Everywhere - 2:26

6. Yellow Submarine - 2:40

7. She Said She Said - 2:37

8. Good Day Sunshine - 2:10

9. And Your Bird Can Sing - 2:02

10. For No One - 2:02

11. Doctor Robert - 2:15

12. I Want To Tell You - 2:30

13. Got To Get You Into My Life - 2:31

14. Tomorrow Never Knows - 2:57

Group 1850 - Paradise Now - 1969

This is Group 1850's second studio album,
but it was actually the first one I heard and it got me
hooked on them! Although I'll admit that 'Agemo's Trip
To Mother Earth' was their best album, this one is also
really good! It's darker then Agemo was and is
a bit heavier at times too, but that's neither
good nor bad, it's just different. This is really the kind
of album that puts you into a trance! If you like Agemo,
then you'll most likely like this one too. Also,
it has a lot of parts that'll probably stick with you
for awhile. Not as if it were a catchy pop album,
but because there's just a lot of really cool sounding
parts in it! So, check it out!

Track Listing

1. Paradise Now - 5:25

2. Friday I'm Free - 2:55

3. Hunger - 4:56

4. Circle - 1:09

5. Lonelyness - 2:16

6. Martin En Peter - 2:02

7. !? - 7:05

8. Purple Sky - 10:58

Beat Of The Earth - Our Standard Three Minute Tune - 1967

Okay, this is the last of the Phil Pearlman albums in my collection
and also the most recent one to have been released. This,
like the last Beat Of The Earth album, only has two tracks
that are about twenty minutes long and is even taken from
the same two crazy jam sessions as it too! Strangely enough though,
Phil didn't release this one until 1994. Still, if you liked the other
Beat Of The Earth album, then you NEED to get this one too!

Since it's from the jam sessions as the other album,
there's not really much else I can say about it
since I have already talked about the other one,
but I will say that this one is a hell of a lot harder
to find and took me forever to do so! I looked all over the
place for months and just finally found it here: música ácida
Although I went through the trouble of re-uploading this album
so that I wouldn't be leeching off of their hard work,
I still feel obligated to give complete credit to them
since I could absolutely not find this album anywhere else...
Still missing one last album though; 'Phil And The Flakes'.

Anyway, this album is a great find for anyone
who is a Beat Of The Earth, Phil Pearlman, Improvised Jam,
psych music, or underground music and trust me, it sounds great!

Track Listing

1. Part One - 20:33

2. Part Two - 17:34

Beat Of The Earth - Self Tittled - 1967

Here is yet another album from legendary psych
musician Phil Pearlman. This is the second known album
that he released and it is completely unstructured and improvised!
He just got a few musicians together, rented a studio,
then they all just jammed over the course of two sessions.
All of this was done as some sort of 'Art Project'
for the collage he was attending and I think it's safe to say
that he most likely got an A, heh.

The weird thing about Phil's albums is that
as amazing as all of them are, they were almost
completely unknown until about twenty years
after they were recorded and they've been slowly
gaining in popularity every since. Chances are,
most people won't even hear about him until
years after he's dead! But, it was the same with
most of the world's greatest artists.

There are only two tracks on this,
both a about twenty-one minutes long
and have the same tittle, but are taken from
different sessions. If you need structure in your music,
this is not the album for you, but if you're into
primal, seemingly spiritual and completely improvised
jam sessions that cause a feeling of a higher unity
between all things in existence, then this IS for you!
This album really is an artistic statement.

Track Listing

1. This Is An Artistic Statement Part I - 21:00

2. This Is An Artistic Statement Part II - 20:55

Ananda Shankar - Self Tittled - 1970

This is a very interesting album...
Thanks to both Ravi Shankar and the Beatles,
the pop culture and music of the era became highly
influenced by the traditional Indian music,
so we ended up with a lot of western pop music
trying to be eastern which I personally love the way
it turned out, heh. But, this isn't like that.
Ananda is the nephew of Ravi, but instead of learning
how to play sitar from him, he learned it from
Dr. Lalmani Misra how was also a renowned classical
Indian musician, so right away you can get rid of
any thoughts about how he only got famous
due to his uncle. Ananda's music is true traditional
Indian music that has been infused with western music.
He mixes the two together way better then any
musician before or after has ever done!
He even covers a few songs on the pop charts
of the time such as 'Jumpin' Jack Flash' by The Rolling Stones
and 'Light My Fire' by The Doors and I tell you
it's just simply perfect! It literally brought a tear
to my eye the first time I hear his cover of
Light My Fire! Strangely enough though,
you don't even need to be into classic rock
of any kind, nor do you have to be into Indian music
to enjoy this album because it's just so far ahead of
its time! A lot of it is actually pretty danceable.
The only thing that could really turn anyone off
from it is if they're either only into heavy music
or if they only like music with someone singing.
This is absolutely not a 'heavy' album of any kind
and there are absolutely no words. If that doesn't
bother you or if you actually prefer that,
then you need to hear this album!
The same goes for any fan of The Doors.

Track Listing

1. Jumpin' Jack Flash - 3:36

2. Snow Flower - 2:49

3. Light My Fire - 3:32

4. Mamata (Affection) - 3:09

5. Metamorphosis - 6:50

6. Sagar (The Ocean) - 13:17

7. Dance Indra - 3:53

8. Raghupati - 3:28

Abstract Truth - Silver Trees - 1970

Here's another album from Abstract Truth.
It's a good album, but I don't think it's as good as
Totum. I uploaded it anyway though because
in 2000, Totum was re-released and packaged together
with this album, Silver Trees and depending on how much
you liked Totum, you'll probably enjoy this album too.
It's got a lot of the things I love about Totum and
a lot of the same instruments too, but it just doesn't seem
as original to me. They still get into a lot of crazy jams though,
so there's still a lot of good on this album a plenty of reasons
why it needs to be heard by more people, so enjoy.

Track Listing

1. Pollution - 3:13

2. Silver Trees - 8:14

3. In A Space - 3:54

4. Moving Away - 2:58

5. Two - 2:36

6. Blue Wednesday Speaks - 4:12

7. It's Alright With Me - 2:42

Abstract Truth - Totum - 1970

Here's another album that shows up on
other psych blogs a lot and again, with good reason.
Abstract Truth really is one of the most unique groups
that I have ever heard! It's almost like psych jazz
influenced by traditional music from all over the world
while still somehow fitting into the world of psych rock.
It's truly amazing! Just some of the things they think up...
It can only really be described as genius.
Also, as you can tell from the cover, this band
or group or whatever you want to call them
doesn't use just the normal 'rock' instruments.
Just look at that cover pic! One dude's got a flute
and another's got a sitar! There's also uses of
bongos, saxes, and a few other things too.
It sounds and feels as if you got really really high
on some ancient drug no one has ever even heard of,
then you decided to take a hike through a mystical rain forest.
This album will take you on a trip in more ways then one!
I urge EVERYONE to listen to this album!

Oh, and if you're wondering, yes.
In the track listing, that is indeed a cover of
'Scarborough Fair' followed by a cover of
Mose Allison's 'Parchman Farm'. Unfortunately though,
in my personal opinion, neither of them are really
too good of covers. They're not bad, they're just not
as good as the originals nor as good as the rest of the album.
Still, they have a very interesting take on 'Parchman Farm'
that's at least worth a listen and if you've heard the
Blue Cheer version, then you might even get
a small chuckle out of it, heh.

Track Listing

1. Jersey Thursday - 3:51

2. Coming Home Baby - 6:36

3. Oxford Town - 4:12

4. Fat Angel (Working Song) - 10:05

5. Summertime - 5:18

6. Scarborough Fair - 3:47

7. Parchman Farm (Moaning) - 3:01

8. Ain't Necessarily So (Take Five) - 10:05

9. Total Totum (Acid Raga) - 5:19


Simon and Garfunkel - Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme - 1966

This is probably my favorite Simon and Garfunkel
album because of two songs. All the songs on it
are great, bu the two that just really stand out
and make the whole album perfect are
'Scarborough Fair/Canticle' and
'A Simple Desultory Philipic'.

Canticle is really trippy and is pretty much
two completely different sets of lyrics
being song at once with some really creepy music.
It's hard to explain, but you just have to
hear it at least once! A Simple Desultory Philipic
is totally ripping off of Dylan so much
that they even joke about it a little in the song
and I personally find it pretty hilarious, heh.

Simon and Garfunkel summed up
exactly what they were when they sang
the lyrics "A poet and a one man band".
Their lyrics are poetry! That's what set them
so far apart from many of the folk musicians
playing during the same era as them.

This is another folk album that you don't
really have to be into folk to enjoy,
so check it out and pass it around to
all of your friends!

Track Listing

1. Scarborough Fair/Canticle - 3:14

2. Patterns - 2:49

3. Cloudy - 2:25

4. Homeward Bound - 2:33

5. The Big Bright Green Pleasure Machine - 2:51

6. The 59th Street Bridge Song (Feelin' Groovy) 1:58

7. The Dangling Conversation - 2:42

8. Flowers Never Bend With The Rainfall - 2:14

9. A Simple Desultory Philipic
(or How I Was Robert McNamara'd Into Submission) - 2:23

10. For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her - 2:09

11. A Poem On The Underground Wall - 1:57

12. 7 o'Clock News/Silent Night - 2:12

13. Patterns (Demo) - 2:56

14. A Poem On The Underground Wall (Demo) - 1:51

Demian - Self-titled - 1971

This is technically their debut album,
but they had already been somewhat known
since they were already signed under the name
Bubble Puppy before this. Sadly, due to
poor management, Bubble Puppy ended up breaking up,
but then reformed shortly after under the band name
of Demian and they're just as amazing as ever!

I decided to upload this album because I was
looking at what I had already uploaded and
realized that I was seriously lacking in
just plain old regular classic rock.
This was an unjust that I could not
allow to continue, so here we are.
A straight up classic rock album that
really knows how to jam it out!

These guys are so together it's
just insanity! At times, it almost seems
as if they're reading each others' minds!
Even their more mellow stuff has that
sturdy, heavy back beat which defines
rock beats and the rolls and fillers
are just in perfect timing with the guitars!
Really, it's just some of the most
together jamming I have ever heard.
A great listen for any rock fan!

Track Listening

1. Face The Crowd - 3:00

2. Windy City - 5:22

3. Love People - 2:18

4. Coming - 5:36

5. Todd's Tune - 3:24

6. No More Tenderness - 3:56

7. Are You With Me, Baby - 4:57

8. Only A Loner - 4:41

Syd Barrett - Barrett - 1970

Here's the second solo album by Syd Barrett.
It's pretty much the same as the first album,
just with different songs, but that's not a bad thing.
He was just doing his thing and he wasn't really trying
to impress anyone, he just wanted to be heard
and even then, he didn't want that too badly either, heh.

If there is a difference between the two albums,
it would be that he seems slightly more confident in this one
and this one also seems to have had a bit more thought
put into it and more time into the mixing, but not much.
Still, I love this album and it's very relaxing in a really
trippy kind of way.

The third track, 'Dominoes', has a very curious
guitar slow solo sliding throughout the whole thing.
Apparently, when they recoded it, they did the whole song,
the reversed it, then Syd just played the guitar track over it.
When he was done, they re-reversed it and thus we have this
very interesting guitar sound that has yet to be mimicked!

Track Listing

1. Baby Lemonade - 4:14

2. Love Song - 3:08

3. Dominoes - 4:11

4. It Is Obvious - 3:02

5. Rats - 3:04

6. Maisie - 2:54

7. Gigolo Aunt - 5:49

8. Waving My Arm In The Air - 2:09

9. I Never Lied To You - 1:54

10. Wined And Dined - 3:01

11. Wolfpack - 3:44

12. Effervescing Elephant - 1:57

13. Baby Lemonade (Take 1) - 3:49

14. Waving My Arms In The Air (Take 1) - 2:15

15. I Never Lied To You (Take 1) - 1:50

16. Love Song (Take 1) - 2:34

17. Dominoes (Take 1) - 0:43

18. Dominoes (Take 2) - 2:38

19. It Is Obvious (Take 2) - 3:51

Arlo Guthrie - Alice's Restaurant - 1967

Yes, this album is completely devoid of psych
and is mostly folk with just a bit of rock,
but it's still brilliant terms of both lyrics
and comedy! A lot of the time it doesn't
sound like a musician trying to be funny,
it sounds more like a comedian playing guitar
and at other times seems like your uncle just got
really drunk and started rambling on
about some funny story which wasn't meant
to be funny, but what makes it so genius
is that he actually knows he's being funny!

It's not all funny though.
There are still other songs on it which are
pretty serious, but still equally good!

For those of you who don't know,
Arlo is the son of Woody Guthrie who was a
major influence on Bob Dylan's earlier works,
so just from that you can get some sense of
where this music is coming from.

About half of this album is just one song.
An epic tale known only as Alice's Restaurant
which strangely doesn't even have much to do
with the eighteen minute long story which is only
even considered a song because of the guitar
and drums in the background playing quietly
and also because of the main chorus which isn't
even played that often. The song was never recorded
in a studio and just five minutes into it will show why, heh.
I've also heard that there was a movie made
based off of this song, but I've yet to see it sadly.

All in all, even if you don't like folk,
you should still download this if you're in need
of a good laugh. Trust me, it'll work.

Track Listing

1. Alice's Restaurant Massacre - 18:37

2. Chilling Of The Evening - 3:05

3. Ring-Around-A-Rosy Rag - 2:16

4. Now And Then - 2:24

5. I'm Going Home - 3:18

6. The Motorcycle Song - 2:51

7. Highway In The Wind - 2:42

The Electronic Hole - Self-titled - 1970

Now here's an album that's almost on every blog
which contains psych music, but there's a good reason
for why so many people have uploaded it.
It's just simply brilliant! It's another one of the
project Phil Pearlman started up and like
the rest of them, it's just amazing.
It's not as mellow nor laid back as
Relatively Clean Rivers, but it's still fairly
laid back and way more experimental!
This was probably the first Phil Pearlman album
I had ever heard and before I even listened to it
I already thought it was kind of interesting
both because of the band name and because of the
fact that there are really only two songs on it
split into different parts spread over
seven tracks. The funny thing about it is
that sometimes you can't even tell
that one song is just another part of a
different one unless you look at the track tittle!
But, enough about that. The main thing that
can be said about this is that if you want to
get a friend into underground psych music,
this would probably be the best album to start with!

Track Listing

1. The Golden Hour Part I - 2:30

2. The Golden Hour Part II - 3:15

3. The Golden Hour Part III - 3:55

4. The Golden Hour Part IV - 7:05

5. Love Will Find A Way Part I - 2:57

6. Love Will Find A Way Part II - 7:05

7. Love Will Find A Way Part III - 5:40

Love - Forever Changes - 1967

This is a very beautiful album just as the
band name would suggest. At times, it seems really
comparable to the works of Emerson, Lake, and Palmer,
but while still keeping it's own originality
and sounding at times as if it's highly influenced
by both classical music and Spanish guitar.
Although the fourth track, the daily planet,
can sound a little Who influenced as well
and the Who had been out for two years
already by this point, so I wouldn't be surprised
if the song actually was influenced by them!
I'd like to call this style folk rock, but
if it is, then it's a very unique brand of it.
It's obvious they were taking notes from
Simon and Garfunkel, heh. Great album though
and I especially love the song Andmoreagain!
Still, the main reason for listening to this
would probably be just how weird some of
their progressions get, meaning that the music
and vocals often take a lot of unexpected turns.
It's good for any music fan!

Track Listing

1. Alone Again Or - 3:16

2. A House Is Not A Motel - 3:32

3. Andmoreagain - 3:32

4. The Daily Planet - 3:31

5. Old Man - 3:02

6. The Red Telephone - 4:46

7. Maybe The People Would Be The Times
Or Between Clark And Hilldale - 3:34

8. Live And Let Live - 5:26

9. The Good Humor Man
He Sees Everything Like This - 3:08

10. Bummer In The Summer - 2:24

11. You Set The Scene - 6:57

12. Hummingbirds [Demo Version] - 2:44

13. Wonder People (I Do Wonder) [Outtake]

14. Alone Again Or (Alternate Mix)

15. You Set The Scene (Alternate Mix)

16. Your Mind And We Belong Together
(Tracking Sessions Highlights) - 8:17

17. Your Mind And We Belong Together - 4:28

18. Laughing Stock - 2:32

Santana/Miles - Carlos Santana & Buddy Miles! Live - 1972

Yes, they did actually get together and have a crazy jam!
I know it might seem like an unlikely pairing to some,
but this album is actually a pretty good one.
I came across this album a few years back in a little
shop known as Jelly's back on the island of Oahu
and I suggested stopping by the place (if you can find it)
if you ever get the chance to go there. I used to
drop by there all the time to buy music while my
friends constantly stole from them and one day
while walking around the place, a red and orange album
cover caught my eye and at the time I was in need
of some Santana albums anyway, so I stopped to
check it out. Almost immediately after just reading
the header and looked up and said "wow" and knew
that I had to buy the album as soon as possible!
Also, it just a few days after I had heard
Jimi Hendrix: A Band Of Gypsies, so naturally
I was really interested in hearing more from
Buddy Miles.

Anyway, yes, this is an awesome album
and any fan of either Santana or Buddy Miles
should really check it out! They play a few
of their own songs and obviously have a lot
of fun while doing so, then, for an awesome ending,
they have an amazing half-hour long jam
and it's just some really crazy funky music!
The intro for the last song is a little dragged on,
but trust me, it's worth listening to.

Track Listening

1. Marbles - 4:18

2. Lava - 2:13

3. Evil Ways - 6:36

4. Faith Interlude - 2:13

5. Them Changes - 5:51

6. Free Form Funkafide Filth - 24:53

Horslips - The Táin - 1973

As I said before, Donovan's 'Open Road' was just
an introduction to Celtic Rock. Horslips
is a band completely dedicated to Celtic Rock!
They are the true expects and geniuses
of the style and have proven that it
actually can be considered one. Honestly,
I don't always like the vocals used in some
of the songs, but the music is always good.
Well, Horslips already have somewhat
of a large underground cult following,
so obviously they're doing something right, heh.

Almost every song they have ever written
is about Celtic literature and they usually
make concept albums based around it.
This album is one of those and is based around
the story of the same name and I'd have to say
that if the tale actually happened, this music
probably would have been playing through
the entire ordeal, heh. It just fits so perfectly!

One of my personal favorite tracks on the album
would have to be the third one, 'Charolias'.
It's just got such a mellow grove on the drums
and I've never heard flute and guitar
work so well together while building off of
each other! It really makes for a mystical
vibe that almost makes you think you're there
and it's one of the tracks where the vocals
actually work really nicely.

All in all, I'd have to say everyone
should at least give this album
a chance and anyone who's into
anything mystical will absolutely love it.

Track Listing

1. Setanta - 1:53

2. Maeve's Court - 1:41

3. Charolias - 4:04

4. The March - 1:34

5. You Can't Fool The Beast - 3:41

6. Dearg Doom - 3:06

7. Ferdia's Song - 2:44

8. Gae Bolga - 1:12

9. Cu Chulainn's Lament - 3:02

10. Faster Than The Hound - 5:38

11. The Silver Spear - 2:01

12. More Than You Can Chew - 3:15

13. The Morrigan's Dream - 3:26

14. Time To Kill! - 5:02

Moondog - More Moondog - 1956

Sadly, as much as I love this crazy blind Viking's music
I cannot suggest it to everyone. Moondog has a very
unique style of music that is all his own, but based
off of both classical music and traditional
native American music. Although I usually encourage
people to try to get into different styles of music,
this is just one of those things were some people
just simply can't seem to get into. This is not talking
down on Moondog in anyway because it's nothing
he did wrong. The man is a musical genius and
a true visionary on the matter too! Despite how
almost completely unknown he is now, he has
influenced countless musicians after him
including Big Brother and the Holding Company
whom we all know started Janis Joplin career
and two of the members join Country Joe and the Fish,
so without Moondog, the psych music scene could have
ended up completely different from the way we love it!
Although I know not everyone will love this album,
I still think you should give it a chance just to see
if you're one of the ones who will love it
as much as I do!

Track Listing

1. Duet: Queen Elizabeth Whistle And Bamboo Pipe - 0:55

2. Conversation And Music At 51st St. & 6th Ave. (New York City) - 1:42

3. Hardshoe (7/4) Ray Malone - 1:17

4. Tugboat Toccata - 2:27

5. Autumn - 2:10

6. Seven Beat Suite (3 Parts) - 2:16

7. Oo Solo (6/4) - 2:25

8. Rehearsal Of Violetta's "Barefoot Dance" - 2:47

9. Oo Solo (2/4) - 1:48

10. Ostrich Feathers Played On Drum - 0:29

11. Oboe Round - 1:09

12. Chant - 0:48

13. All Is Loneliness - 1:02

14. Sextet (Oo) - 1:33

15. Fiesta Piano Solo - 1:49

16. Moondog Monologue - 8:27

Donovan - Open Road - 1970

My apologize to those of you that are getting tired
of psych folk rock, but I up loaded this one more as
an introduction to a relatively unknown style,
which I am in love with, known as Celtic Rock.
Now, already I know anyone who knows what
Celtic is, is probably tripping out over the thought
of a psych folk rock album and yes, it is
just as crazy as it sounds! Now all of this album
is really Celtic rock, but as the album goes on,
it gets more and more Celtic. Though, of course,
with Donovan, you know he can't stick to
just one style and he adds influences from
all over the place into his music.
It really adds a lot to this album
and all the influences evident really are
quite a nice delight, but if you like a song,
it's not really guaranteed that you'll like the next,
nor is the likewise guaranteed, but you should
at least give this album a chance and any fan
of Donovan will love it!

By the way,
the most Celtic song on here, and even I
got a kick out of this, is call Celtic Rock
and it is as crazy and amazing as Celtic rock gets!
It doesn't even matter what type of rock music
you're into, if you're into any then this one track
makes the whole album worth listening too
even if on the off chance you don't really like
any of the other songs. It truly does make the album!

Track Listing

1. Changes - 2:57

2. Song For John - 2:43

3. Curry Land - 4:38

4. Joe Bean's Theme - 2:52

5. People Used To - 4:09

6. Celtic Rock - 3:37

7. Riki Tiki Tavi - 2:55

8. Clara Clairvoyant - 2:57

9. Roots Of Oak - 4:53

10. Season Of Farewell - 3:25

11. Poke At The Pope - 2:47

12. New Year's Resolution - 5:09

Pentangle - Basket Of Light - 1969

This is yet another folk rock album, but this is one
that I can honestly suggest to anyone! Pentangle features
some of the most astounding female vocal abilities I have ever heard!
But, for those of you for whatever reason just don't like the sound
of a chick singer, there's also a guy singer too, so you can dig it too.
This album has a very odd take on music and I guarantee you
that you will never hear anything quite like the opening track
'Light Flight' which is enough to blow any one's mind away.
It might not be as loved by those into the more heavy scenes,
but it's still put together and thought out well enough
that pretty much anyone with an interest in music
will find something interesting about it and will have to
give these brilliant minds props.

Track Listing

1. Light Flight - 3:19

2. Once I Had A Sweetheart - 4:42

3. Springtime Promises - 4:09

4. Lyke-Wake Dirge - 3:37

5. Train Song - 4:48

6. Hunting Song - 6:45

7. Sally Go Round Roses - 3:41

8. The Cuckoo - 4:30

9. House Carpenter - 5:30

Relatively Clean Rivers - Self Titled - 1975

This is a great album by underground psych legend Phil Pearlman!
I had most of the albums from him for a while before I even realized
they were all from the same guy! I mean, I had three of his
five albums and all of them went by different band names
and sounded almost completely different from one another,
so what was I supposed to think? Still, as different as they all sound,
they're all amazing in their own ways! This is one of his later albums,
but it feels and sounds like it was released about a decade before it
actually was! It has more of a folk feel then his other projects,
but it's just as psychedelic as the rest of them.
It's got a real nice laid back vibe about it that's very relaxing
and a lot of interesting progressions and what not.
If you're looking for something smooth to trip out to,
this is definitely it!

Also, if anyone comes across Phil's album 'Chrome Reversed Rails'
under the band name of 'Phil & The Flakes', I'd really appreciate it
if you could send a link my way since it's now the only album
from him that I still currently do not have. I plan on up loading
the rest of his small collection over time and it'd really help!

Track Listing

1. Easy Ride - 3:51

2. Journey Through The Vally Of O - 4:13

3. Babylon - 5:52

4. Last Flight To Eden - 2:43

5. Prelude - 0:30

6. Hello Sunshine - 3:34

7. They Knew What To Say - 3:26

8. The Persian Caravan - 3:51

9. A thousand Years - 5:23

Bob Dylan - Blonde On Blonde - 1966

Honestly, even I'm surprised I haven't
up loaded this album yet! About four or five years ago,
while I was still living on a small island, a Filipino guitarist
friend of mine approached me one day with this album.
At the time, both of us were just getting into old school music
and had mostly been listening to just AC/DC and Led Zeppelin,
so were someone talked him into buying this album,
he was kind of let down by how folk the music was,
but then he listened to the lyrics and fell in love with it,
so he decided to bring it to me and let me have a listen.
He played a couple of his favorite track,
I asked to borrow it, then I listened to it none stop
for about a month until he forced me to give it back!
I've been a huge Dylan fan every since and it's got me
more into both folk and rap too strangely enough, heh.

Anyway, this album was released shorty after his departure from
traditional folk music. His third electric album to be exact!
This is the perfect album for anyone who is into rock
or blues music, but just can't really get into folk.
Just one listen to the song 'Visions Of Johanna'
will convert almost anyone to Bob Dylan-ism!
In my opinion, no one ever has, nor ever will,
fuse folk and rock together as flawlessly as Dylan
had done on this album and the two before.
Also, I prefer the sound of his voice on this album
over any of his other albums. I like all of his earlier stuff
and I'll admit the his voice and accent in them
worked pretty well with the music, but it's hard to
listen to them for too long without a break
and although Dylan is just as musically and lyrically gifted as ever,
his newer stuff just sounds like his voice is dieing on him to me.
But, these are just my opinion and I still love the guy
for all he has given us, so sorry if anyone disagrees with me.

Track Listing

1. Rainy Day Women #12 & 35 - 4:38

2. Pledging My Time - 3:47

3. Visions Of Johanna - 7:32

4. One Of Us Must Know (Sooner Or Later) - 4:58

5. I Want You - 3:11

6. Stuck Inside Of Mobile With The Memphis Blues Again - 7:08

7. Leopard-Skin Pill-Box Hat - 3:55

8. Just Like A Woman - 4:45

9. Most Likely You Go Your Way (And I'll Go Mine) - 3:26

10. Temporary Like Achilles - 4:53

11. Absolutely Sweet Marie - 4:51

12. 4th Time Around - 4:32

13. Obviously 5 Believers - 3:35

14. Sad Eyed Lady Of The Lowlands - 10:44


Acid Mothers Temple and The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. - La Nòvia - 2000

Yes, this is a fairly recent album, but it's just as psych as
any of the great psych albums released in the 60s and 70s!
But, it's also a lot more experimental then most of the music
from back then. Imagine an Asian psych version of Mars Volta.
That's basically what this band is except they've been around
a lot longer then them and this music is totally tripping out
on some major powerful LSD or something, heh.
I'll be honest though, if you don't like loud, seemingly
random noises, then this band really isn't for you.
But, if you're into experimental music,
then this is definitely the group for you!

This album is probably my favorite from them.
There's only three songs on it, but it still manages
to last about an hour and every second of it
is mind melting! The first time you listen to it,
I strongly suggest focusing just on the music
and not doing anything else! Just lay down in bed
with the lights off and listen to the whole album
straight through without any breaks.
I guarantee you that you won't be able to say
anything other then "wow" for at least fifteen minutes!
It will completely change the way you think about
modern day psych music!

Track Listing

1. La Nòvia - 40:40

2. Bois-Tu De La Biere? - 3:49

3. Bon Voyage Au LSD - 17:27

Group 1850 - Agemo's Trip to Mother Earth - 1968

Okay, to make up for using this blog
to try to enlighten people on corruption in politics,
I have finally up loaded a new album!
Sorry I don't up load more often my friends!

Group 1850 was probably one of the best bands to ever
come out of the Netherlands! Unfortunately though,
with all the other psych giants back in the sixties
coming mainly from America and London flooding the air waves
through out the majority of the decade, the world seems to have
almost completely forgotten this brilliant band.
Unlike most bands outside of the English speaking world,
they weren't held back by language barriers since
they seem to be fluently bilingual, but their sound,
although excellent in every aspect, most likely had
too strong of an underground/garage feel
for most American radio stations to play
and as amazing as they are, even I have to say
that they're no Zeppelin, so they really could have used
more commercial exposure to help them survive.
Also, I have heard that despite how amazing their
first two albums were, their third and final one,
which I still cannot find, was a major let down
and cause many fans to turn away from them...
Nonetheless, this album, as well as their album 'Paradise Now'
are both extremely excellent albums and any lover of
psych of any kind should definitely check them out!

Track Listing

1. Steel Sings - 3:03

2. Little Fly - 4:28

3. I Put My Hand On Your Shoulder - 13:27

4. You Did It Too Hard - 2:10

5. A point In The Life - 5:03

6. Refound - 3:12

7. Reborn - 3:25

Bonus Tracks

8. Misty Night - 3:32

9. Look Around - 2:36

10. I Want More - 2:06

11. I Know (La Pensee) - 3:12

12. Mother No-Head - 3:29

13. Ever Ever Green - 3:19

14. Zero - 3:31

15. Frozen Mind - 3:42

16. We Love Life (Like We Love You) - 4:31

17. Fire - 2:32

18. Have You Ever Heard - 3:36

19. 1,000 Years Before - 2:38

20. Dream Of The Future - 2:33

Now time for something political...

Now friends, I realize that this is a place for music
and I shouldn't be using is to promote my own views,
but I wrote this 'article' I suppose you could call it
because I feel that despite all the controversies
constantly cycling through the mean stream media,
there is still much that has yet to be talked about
that is truly effecting most US citizens in extremely
negative ways and I had to at least attempt to
bring this at least a little bit more into the light.
I understand if you think I should have kept
my views and opinions to myself and I understand
is you refuse to forgive me for tainting the realm
of music lovers with things such as this,
but I can promise you that even if what
I have written fails to reach you or enlighten you,
then this documentary will enlighten you on at least
some of them things I mention. If you don't
think you'll gain anything from this post,
then just simply move on to the next.
But, if you do find any of this enlightening,
then please spread the word! Help end the corruption!
Thank you.

I burned a twenty dollar bill today...
Burning money is technically illegal,
but only silver and gold count as legal, constitutional
currency, so our paper money means absolutely nothing.
I can burn it all I want and anyone who'd try to lock me up
would clearly be doing so out of ignorance.

As for needing it to buy shit...
I'm a drop out living with his parents
and I still got a couple of semesters
left at the school I'm taking classes at,
so money means nothing to me right now

anyway... I'm just pissed because I know the end of our country
will be in my life time. Not only is our money fake,
but Bush has already signed an agreement
that eventually, within my lifetime, The USA,
Canada, and Mexico will form together
and become known as The North American Union.
This will mean that the constitution,
which no one pays attention to anyway,
will become completely obsolete
and will no longer effect nor protect anyone.
It'll be rewritten by the same people
who knowingly do things to hurt the nation
simply because it benefits them
as they keep most of us completely in the dark
about many of the real issues.

The worst part is that we will beg them
to do it. We will demand that they strip
us of our natural rights and freedoms.
Obviously, most of the people won't realize
what they're asking for and will most likely
be doing so out of ignorance and fear.

Sure, it would seem that we, as a whole,
are making progress and finally taking a stand.
I mean, most of the people you see on TV and in the movies
are now liberal and are constantly fighting for
their natural rights to be restored to them
and although they are making some differences
and their intentions are mostly good,
the government, the banks, the big business,
the main stream media... All of them
are merely using them to their advantage.

They allow the TV stations to broadcast
both sides of the debates on things
that are important to us as people,
but will neither harm nor save the nation
nor our (or theirs) livelihoods. This makes half of the people
feel like they have a choice and that they
are making a difference in this nation
while making the other half stop paying
attention all together, thus distracting
the majority of us from the major things
truly effecting us such as unconstitutional money
constantly being printed which keeps making our money
worth less and less, nutrients being taken out of
our foods while chemicals are put in to replace them
causing breakouts of diseases which could easily
be other wise prevented, and chloroform in the water which
has been proven to be connected to lower IQ levels in children,
cause a more sedated state in which foreign
countries have used during times of war
to keep their people from rebelling and it has also been
directly connected to cancer.

These are just a few the the problems
that our country faces which you think
would be major topics anywhere you look,
but have rarely even been brought up at all.
They're not kept hidden from us, there just not
talked about.

It's obvious to anyone that the amount of air time
TV shows have is not an issue here.
Anytime the news is not talking about guy marriages,
Iraq, or the president, they fill up the rest of their
air time promoting movies or talking about
movie/TV/music/sport stars and what little
petty crime they have recently been busted for
and although these are trivial matters that could
easily be summed up in under ten minutes,
they feel the need to stretch stories about them
to an hour long segment, once a day for three weeks straight.

They do this because almost every TV station
is owned by the same group of rich men who's great
grand fathers started the federal bank
which is now mainly in control of the nation's money,
which is supposed to be controlled by
the legislative branch, which the president
is at the head of. But, since they keep turning
to the federal government to print out more money
just for them, the legislative branch is now
all but completely obsolete. This means that
the government and the federal bank
are almost forced to work together,
which means that the federal bank now has a large influence
on laws being written and signed and the government
now has an extremely large influence on anything
that is put on TV or in the movies, which has now
almost completely replaced books thanks to the help
of constant main stream media exposure,
drugged public waters, and never ending
distractions and worries about things that don't matter.

The nation is now so uncomfortable
with reading that we would really rather
just be read too... But, even then, that's too boring
for us, so you need to put some actors
and special effects behind it to keep us
interested. Also, at this point, you might as well
change the entire story because no one really knows
what the story originally was, so they wouldn't
question it even slightly!

You really have to give it up to the rich and powerful
for being able to think all of this out...
They've even got ways so they don't even
have to try to cover anything up!
We've been so fooled into thinking
that our government would never do anything
wrong and that if you question them, you're
either unpatriotic and a crazed schizophrenic!
All they have to do is avoid giving an answer
and make sure the questions come up as
few times as possible and they've got it made!
This nation's people are all screwed and we've been
raised to either not think about it or not care...

I'd leave, but there's only a matter of time
until there's no place left to run.