Group 1850 - Paradise Now - 1969

This is Group 1850's second studio album,
but it was actually the first one I heard and it got me
hooked on them! Although I'll admit that 'Agemo's Trip
To Mother Earth' was their best album, this one is also
really good! It's darker then Agemo was and is
a bit heavier at times too, but that's neither
good nor bad, it's just different. This is really the kind
of album that puts you into a trance! If you like Agemo,
then you'll most likely like this one too. Also,
it has a lot of parts that'll probably stick with you
for awhile. Not as if it were a catchy pop album,
but because there's just a lot of really cool sounding
parts in it! So, check it out!

Track Listing

1. Paradise Now - 5:25

2. Friday I'm Free - 2:55

3. Hunger - 4:56

4. Circle - 1:09

5. Lonelyness - 2:16

6. Martin En Peter - 2:02

7. !? - 7:05

8. Purple Sky - 10:58


Bill.Bo said...

Just one word: GREAT!!!
your blog as well as the music you present.

and thank you for Group1850, too

may your day be sunny: Bill.Bo

Chase The Drummer said...

Thank you for the kind words my friend and I really hope you enjoyed the album!

Gerard said...

Thank you!

Chase The Drummer said...

You're welcome my friend!

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