Blue Cheer - Vincebus Eruptum - 1968

Blue Cheer was once the loudest band in the world
and if Black Sabbath is the father of metal,
then that makes Blue Cheer the grand father of it.
This is another blues rock album, but it's
way heavier then most blues rock you'll
hear to date! They rocked so hard and played
so loud that Dickie Peterson, lead singer and bass player,
has literally developed callouses his eardrums!
Look it up, it's true. They're one of the many bands
to have played the song Summertime Blues,
but their version is still the most well known and loved
and Rush, who has also played the song, has cited them
as being a major influence for them. There's still some debate,
but lots of people will tell you that modern metal would
not even exist without these guys! Not only that,
but Blue Cheer has really lasted the test of time
and is still touring and has even recently released
a new studio album entitled 'What Doesn't Kill You...'
which is actually really good too! Seriously,
if you haven't checked this band out already,
then do so as a favor to yourself. Now.

Track Listing

1. Summertime Blues - 3:47

2. Rock Me Baby - 4:23

3. Doctor Please - 7:52

4. Out Of Focus - 3:58

5. Parchmant Farm - 5:50

6. Second Time Around - 6:18

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