Abstract Truth - Totum - 1970

Here's another album that shows up on
other psych blogs a lot and again, with good reason.
Abstract Truth really is one of the most unique groups
that I have ever heard! It's almost like psych jazz
influenced by traditional music from all over the world
while still somehow fitting into the world of psych rock.
It's truly amazing! Just some of the things they think up...
It can only really be described as genius.
Also, as you can tell from the cover, this band
or group or whatever you want to call them
doesn't use just the normal 'rock' instruments.
Just look at that cover pic! One dude's got a flute
and another's got a sitar! There's also uses of
bongos, saxes, and a few other things too.
It sounds and feels as if you got really really high
on some ancient drug no one has ever even heard of,
then you decided to take a hike through a mystical rain forest.
This album will take you on a trip in more ways then one!
I urge EVERYONE to listen to this album!

Oh, and if you're wondering, yes.
In the track listing, that is indeed a cover of
'Scarborough Fair' followed by a cover of
Mose Allison's 'Parchman Farm'. Unfortunately though,
in my personal opinion, neither of them are really
too good of covers. They're not bad, they're just not
as good as the originals nor as good as the rest of the album.
Still, they have a very interesting take on 'Parchman Farm'
that's at least worth a listen and if you've heard the
Blue Cheer version, then you might even get
a small chuckle out of it, heh.

Track Listing

1. Jersey Thursday - 3:51

2. Coming Home Baby - 6:36

3. Oxford Town - 4:12

4. Fat Angel (Working Song) - 10:05

5. Summertime - 5:18

6. Scarborough Fair - 3:47

7. Parchman Farm (Moaning) - 3:01

8. Ain't Necessarily So (Take Five) - 10:05

9. Total Totum (Acid Raga) - 5:19


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It is indeed an album that is going to make you trip hard, it is like having an LSD in a complete black room, and the sound of a drop falling every 10 seconds.