Horslips - The Táin - 1973

As I said before, Donovan's 'Open Road' was just
an introduction to Celtic Rock. Horslips
is a band completely dedicated to Celtic Rock!
They are the true expects and geniuses
of the style and have proven that it
actually can be considered one. Honestly,
I don't always like the vocals used in some
of the songs, but the music is always good.
Well, Horslips already have somewhat
of a large underground cult following,
so obviously they're doing something right, heh.

Almost every song they have ever written
is about Celtic literature and they usually
make concept albums based around it.
This album is one of those and is based around
the story of the same name and I'd have to say
that if the tale actually happened, this music
probably would have been playing through
the entire ordeal, heh. It just fits so perfectly!

One of my personal favorite tracks on the album
would have to be the third one, 'Charolias'.
It's just got such a mellow grove on the drums
and I've never heard flute and guitar
work so well together while building off of
each other! It really makes for a mystical
vibe that almost makes you think you're there
and it's one of the tracks where the vocals
actually work really nicely.

All in all, I'd have to say everyone
should at least give this album
a chance and anyone who's into
anything mystical will absolutely love it.

Track Listing

1. Setanta - 1:53

2. Maeve's Court - 1:41

3. Charolias - 4:04

4. The March - 1:34

5. You Can't Fool The Beast - 3:41

6. Dearg Doom - 3:06

7. Ferdia's Song - 2:44

8. Gae Bolga - 1:12

9. Cu Chulainn's Lament - 3:02

10. Faster Than The Hound - 5:38

11. The Silver Spear - 2:01

12. More Than You Can Chew - 3:15

13. The Morrigan's Dream - 3:26

14. Time To Kill! - 5:02

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