Group 1850 - Agemo's Trip to Mother Earth - 1968

Okay, to make up for using this blog
to try to enlighten people on corruption in politics,
I have finally up loaded a new album!
Sorry I don't up load more often my friends!

Group 1850 was probably one of the best bands to ever
come out of the Netherlands! Unfortunately though,
with all the other psych giants back in the sixties
coming mainly from America and London flooding the air waves
through out the majority of the decade, the world seems to have
almost completely forgotten this brilliant band.
Unlike most bands outside of the English speaking world,
they weren't held back by language barriers since
they seem to be fluently bilingual, but their sound,
although excellent in every aspect, most likely had
too strong of an underground/garage feel
for most American radio stations to play
and as amazing as they are, even I have to say
that they're no Zeppelin, so they really could have used
more commercial exposure to help them survive.
Also, I have heard that despite how amazing their
first two albums were, their third and final one,
which I still cannot find, was a major let down
and cause many fans to turn away from them...
Nonetheless, this album, as well as their album 'Paradise Now'
are both extremely excellent albums and any lover of
psych of any kind should definitely check them out!

Track Listing

1. Steel Sings - 3:03

2. Little Fly - 4:28

3. I Put My Hand On Your Shoulder - 13:27

4. You Did It Too Hard - 2:10

5. A point In The Life - 5:03

6. Refound - 3:12

7. Reborn - 3:25

Bonus Tracks

8. Misty Night - 3:32

9. Look Around - 2:36

10. I Want More - 2:06

11. I Know (La Pensee) - 3:12

12. Mother No-Head - 3:29

13. Ever Ever Green - 3:19

14. Zero - 3:31

15. Frozen Mind - 3:42

16. We Love Life (Like We Love You) - 4:31

17. Fire - 2:32

18. Have You Ever Heard - 3:36

19. 1,000 Years Before - 2:38

20. Dream Of The Future - 2:33


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Thanks for the Group 1850,

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Thank you for 1850,a very underrated group.

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