Love - Forever Changes - 1967

This is a very beautiful album just as the
band name would suggest. At times, it seems really
comparable to the works of Emerson, Lake, and Palmer,
but while still keeping it's own originality
and sounding at times as if it's highly influenced
by both classical music and Spanish guitar.
Although the fourth track, the daily planet,
can sound a little Who influenced as well
and the Who had been out for two years
already by this point, so I wouldn't be surprised
if the song actually was influenced by them!
I'd like to call this style folk rock, but
if it is, then it's a very unique brand of it.
It's obvious they were taking notes from
Simon and Garfunkel, heh. Great album though
and I especially love the song Andmoreagain!
Still, the main reason for listening to this
would probably be just how weird some of
their progressions get, meaning that the music
and vocals often take a lot of unexpected turns.
It's good for any music fan!

Track Listing

1. Alone Again Or - 3:16

2. A House Is Not A Motel - 3:32

3. Andmoreagain - 3:32

4. The Daily Planet - 3:31

5. Old Man - 3:02

6. The Red Telephone - 4:46

7. Maybe The People Would Be The Times
Or Between Clark And Hilldale - 3:34

8. Live And Let Live - 5:26

9. The Good Humor Man
He Sees Everything Like This - 3:08

10. Bummer In The Summer - 2:24

11. You Set The Scene - 6:57

12. Hummingbirds [Demo Version] - 2:44

13. Wonder People (I Do Wonder) [Outtake]

14. Alone Again Or (Alternate Mix)

15. You Set The Scene (Alternate Mix)

16. Your Mind And We Belong Together
(Tracking Sessions Highlights) - 8:17

17. Your Mind And We Belong Together - 4:28

18. Laughing Stock - 2:32

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