Beat Of The Earth - Our Standard Three Minute Tune - 1967

Okay, this is the last of the Phil Pearlman albums in my collection
and also the most recent one to have been released. This,
like the last Beat Of The Earth album, only has two tracks
that are about twenty minutes long and is even taken from
the same two crazy jam sessions as it too! Strangely enough though,
Phil didn't release this one until 1994. Still, if you liked the other
Beat Of The Earth album, then you NEED to get this one too!

Since it's from the jam sessions as the other album,
there's not really much else I can say about it
since I have already talked about the other one,
but I will say that this one is a hell of a lot harder
to find and took me forever to do so! I looked all over the
place for months and just finally found it here: música ácida
Although I went through the trouble of re-uploading this album
so that I wouldn't be leeching off of their hard work,
I still feel obligated to give complete credit to them
since I could absolutely not find this album anywhere else...
Still missing one last album though; 'Phil And The Flakes'.

Anyway, this album is a great find for anyone
who is a Beat Of The Earth, Phil Pearlman, Improvised Jam,
psych music, or underground music and trust me, it sounds great!

Track Listing

1. Part One - 20:33

2. Part Two - 17:34


Anonymous said...

Thanks a lot of this very rare psych album! i never heared of this and see it for the first time on any blog. Good job!

Sergey from Kiev,Ukraine

Chase The Drummer said...

Yeah, it was pretty difficult to find...
You'd think any underground psych blog
would have everything from Phil uploaded,
but oh well. Glad you appreciated it!

Anonymous said...


Chase The Drummer said...


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Beat Of The Earth album is great it's something good I got excellent sounds and rhythms which are unusual, I had never heard nothing about this band and now nobody can stop me.m10m

J.R. Nichols-Lead Guitar/Beat of the Earth 1967 said...

Hello Chase the Drummer.This is really very important to me as Iam J.R. Nichols the lead guitarist on that great album of mine and Phil Pearlmans'.Contrary to Karen Darbys' statements-It was I who dreamed up the concept of the Beat of the Earth and I who named the Group,and the title name for the album.It was my idea for the album cover depicting us all plugged into Mother Earth resulting in our Beat of the Earth's Heart and Soul that we are all Children of.Phil and I started playing together almost every day as we were neighbors on 23rd St. in Newport beach,Ca.Me being a competition surfer for the Chobins Surfing Club-Newport Beach chapter( I was The 5th rider in our competion with Wind and Sea of San Diegeo,Ca. and won my Heet.The Photo for the front album cover was taken in my front yard-Phils backyard and Garden-and yes he did create the huge AC plug Panel in his art crafting Photography clas and home etc. for College Credit at U.C. Irvine-The notorious Anteaters!Long live ants. As you see, I was not a Valleyboy type at all but I was also playing lead guitar for the band DRAINPIPE -somewhat famous House Band at the Legendary "Marina Palace" highway 1o1 in Seal Bch. Ca. for a number of years;alternating with such Bands as Alice Cooper,Hot Sauce,Palace Guard,The NazzAnd not to mention Motley Crue last but Vince Neal and I both grew up in Downwy Ca. and were competing with each other and the Starfires(Sonny Latrops' Band) in the days of Pop Wenzells Music store &records& recording in Downey and also Downey Music(Nate Capalbos' Store.Neal came to my house on Birchdale and asked me to play lead for them at an party gig that Friday Night for which I was paid $50.00 dollars-a lot of money in the 70's.But we all new each other from Home and the Marina Palace-Styles and availiability-Their guitarist had seriously sustained injury to his hand. Feel Fre to contact me for more info. I have been trying to get in touch with Phil for all these years and would seriously like to contact him.If you are able to furnish me with information as to his whereabouts etc. It would be greatly appreciated evenif you could pass the info to Phil that Iam Searching for him-tried the internet-only got fragments.Thank you , and I am really stoked that so many people wrld wide are enjoying the musical statement that I and Phil achieved alon withMorgan Chapman on Bass Guitar,Bill and Sherry Tambourinist and dancer and Husband Bill Floutist-Recorder flute-CBS Western United,Joe Sidore engineer and vocal-he also engineered Glen Campbells Rhinestone Cowboy album;and of course-Ron Collins-wherever you are out there-I couldn't have imagined doing it without him.The Bagpies were my idea and I was grateful that they worked out as I had imagined all those Souls passing by. I had lost my last copy in 1981. But Guess what? I just bought the last new import in stock on Amazon!I got my BABY back! Love and Peace? Guess it's all up to all of US . thank you. Jay R. Nichols J.R. Nichols

J.R. Nichols-Lead Guitar/Beat of the Earth 1967 said...

J.R. Nichols /Lead Guitarist for the band- Beat of the Earth/1967