Fat Mattress - Fat Mattress I - 1969

So, a while back I read an article in a magazine about Jimi
Hendrix and in the article it was mentioned that his bass player,
Noel Redding, had a band called Fat Mattress which they often
used as an opening act to save time on finding one.
It apparently annoyed Hendrix a little because this meant
that Noel would be getting paid twice for the same gig,
so he'd often make fun of it. I thought this was a pretty
interesting story, but I never put too much thought into it
until I was listening to the song 'She's So Fine' on Hendrix'
album 'Axis Bold As Love' and Immediately I noticed that
it sounded a lot different from the rest of the songs on the
album and it was definitely not Hendrix singing,
so I did a little research and found out that Noel both
wrote and sung the song. I really liked the sound of it,
so I decided to find a Fat Mattress album and check it out.
The album is surprisingly good and sounds a lot like
the style of 'She's So Fine' except without Hendrix'
bad ass guitar playing. Still, although it would have been nice
to hear Hendrix play on a few more Noel songs, the album
is still really good and original and should really be given a chance
by anyone who likes Jimi Hendrix and the Experience.

Track Listing

1. All Night Drinker - 3:10

2. I Don't Mind - 3:46

3. Bright New Day - 3:30

4. Petrol Pump Assistant - 2:58

5. Mister Moonshine - 4:04

6. Magic Forest - 2:49

7. She Came In The Morning - 4:00

8. Everything's Blue - 2:44

9. Walking Through A Garden - 3:20

10. How Can I Live - 4:04

11. Little Girl In White - 4:09

12. Margarita - 3:54

13. Which Way To Go - 4:14

14. Future Days - 4:02

15. Cold Wall Of Stone - 2:24


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Anonymous said...

Haven't heard this album since about 1984. Thanks for the memories :)

bobbysu said...

thank you so much

Chase The Drummer said...

Any time my friends.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I was a big fan of Fat Mattress, mostly for Neil Landon's great vocals, and saw them live in October 1969 at Watford Town Hall (and saw Johnny Winter there a year later). You can see them performing "Naturally" and "Mr. Moonshine" on YouTube. Pity they were so short-lived. Neil's still performing but mostly in Germany.

JohnBessa said...

Great to see these anecdotes.

I put Magic Garden and Bright New Way on tape along with Stephen Stills, The Band, Butterfield Blues, and a lot of New Riders, and listened to it till it got eaten for the last time. (That was 10 yrs ago.)

I just searched on Magic Garden and got reunited with these two great songs.

I remember they went well with the Band's Ragman, and Stills' Tophat of the Peanut Man.

JohnBessa said...

Add the Outlaw's Girl From Ohio to that mix.

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It is a great band, one of my favorites actually, not because the bass player used to pay with Hendrix.

Anonymous said...

Thanks man !

keep on rocking !!!!!!

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