Donovan - A Gift From a Flower to a Garden - 1967/1968

This was probably the first Donovan album I ever had
and it really did paint a colorful image what of Donovan
was all about! In short, the album cover is actually a perfect
match for the music, heh. Like most of Donovan's music,
it's very laid back and mellow, mostly acid folk, and incorporates
many different sounds from all over the world, but this one
is one of his earlier and more psychedelic album. Needless to say,
a young modern day wannabe hippie instantly fell in love
with this album and immediately started searching for more
Donovan albums! A lot of people compare him to Bob Dylan,
but it's really hard to hear way in this album. It almost seems
comparable to Syd Barrett's first solo album, 'The Madcap Laughs'!
This album is perfect for listening to while you're laying in
a valley full of flowers away from the sight of others on a sunny day
I know that sounds like an odd description, but trust me,
you'll understand once you hear it! Really, any fan of the hippie
counter culture in any way will love this album!

Track Listing

1. Wear Your Love Like Heaven - 2:27

2. Mad John's Escape - 2:21

3. Skip-A-Long Sam - 2:26

4. Sun - 3:17

5. There Was A Time - 2:03

6. Oh Gosh - 1:49

7. Little Boy In Corduray - 2:34

8. Under The Greenwood Tree - 1:58

9. Land Of Doesn't Have To Be - 2:30

10. Someone's Singing - 3:06

11. Song Of The Naturalist's Wife - 2:47

12. Enchanted Gypsy - 3:22

13. Voyage Into The Golden Screen - 3:16

14. Isle Of Islay - 2:24

15. Mandolin Man And His Secret - 3:35

16. Lay Of The Last Tinker - 1:50

17. The Tinker And The Crab - 2:54

18. Widow With Shawl (A Portrait) - 3:03

19. Lullaby Of Spring - 3:27

20. Magpie - 1:31

21. Starfish-On-The-Toast - 2:48

22. Epistle To Derroll - 5:49


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cgm said...

Thanks! As a kid I loved this album, which I saved up to buy. (I especially enjoyed "Skip-a-long Sam" which was a hit single in my head), but hearing the whole thing now, 40 years on, it's an uneasy listen (and the violently segregated stereo mix doesn't help matters). Any nagging doubts are however countered by the blindingly obvious fact that Donovan is a great songwriter - even when he's twee, it's quality twee. If we're voting, the album's a whole lot better than "Cosmic Wheels". on a par with "Hurdy Gurdy Man" but nowhere as good as "Sunshine Superman". But then again, you'll come across "Voyage into the Golden Screen" and suddenly you hear a flash of genius. For re-vitalising a forgotten relic, thanks for this post!

Chase The Drummer said...

Well, I'm glad I could
bring back some memories for ya man!
In terms of music, that's what I'm
all about. Introducing my generation
to the geniuses of the past
and bringing back memories
for the ones who were alive
during it's creation.
Thank you for the comment
and you're welcome my friend!

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Anonymous said...

Historic album,one of his best records!Thank you very much!

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Donovan's music was also a proof of how a pop sound can also be intelligent. His lyrics and the literary treatment when composing are one of his most remarkable features!

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