The Electronic Hole - Self-titled - 1970

Now here's an album that's almost on every blog
which contains psych music, but there's a good reason
for why so many people have uploaded it.
It's just simply brilliant! It's another one of the
project Phil Pearlman started up and like
the rest of them, it's just amazing.
It's not as mellow nor laid back as
Relatively Clean Rivers, but it's still fairly
laid back and way more experimental!
This was probably the first Phil Pearlman album
I had ever heard and before I even listened to it
I already thought it was kind of interesting
both because of the band name and because of the
fact that there are really only two songs on it
split into different parts spread over
seven tracks. The funny thing about it is
that sometimes you can't even tell
that one song is just another part of a
different one unless you look at the track tittle!
But, enough about that. The main thing that
can be said about this is that if you want to
get a friend into underground psych music,
this would probably be the best album to start with!

Track Listing

1. The Golden Hour Part I - 2:30

2. The Golden Hour Part II - 3:15

3. The Golden Hour Part III - 3:55

4. The Golden Hour Part IV - 7:05

5. Love Will Find A Way Part I - 2:57

6. Love Will Find A Way Part II - 7:05

7. Love Will Find A Way Part III - 5:40


Anonymous said...

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- Murk

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