The Jimi Hendrix Experience - Axis Bold As Love - 1967/1968

So, I realized how much of a disgrace it was for me
to have uploaded Fat Mattress without even one Hendrix
album on this blog, so here you go. My favorite Hendrix studio album!

This is considered one of the most ground breaking albums
of all time and anyone who knows anything about music
will agree with that. Every song on here is absolutely genius.
There are just some things that cannot possibly get any better
and this album is just one of them. Normally, if you claimed to
like this kind of music but didn't already have this album,
chances are I, and anyone else, would feel obligated to ridicule you,
but the great thing about the Internet is that it's so easy
to stay anonymous and besides, that's not what this blog is about,
so your welcome. Anyway, here's one of the best albums
of all time and I hope you enjoy!

Track Listing

1. EXP - 1:55

2. Up From The Skies - 2:57

3. Spanish Castle Magic - 3:06

4. Wait Until Tomorrow - 3:02

5. Ain't No Telling - 1:50

6. Little Wing - 2:27

7. If 6 Was 9 - 5:33

8. You Got Me Floatin' - 2:48

9. Castles Made Of Sand - 2:47

10. She's Sp Fine - 2:39

11. One Rainy Wish - 3:43

12. Little Miss Lover - 2:24

13. Bold As Love - 4:12


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