Santana/Miles - Carlos Santana & Buddy Miles! Live - 1972

Yes, they did actually get together and have a crazy jam!
I know it might seem like an unlikely pairing to some,
but this album is actually a pretty good one.
I came across this album a few years back in a little
shop known as Jelly's back on the island of Oahu
and I suggested stopping by the place (if you can find it)
if you ever get the chance to go there. I used to
drop by there all the time to buy music while my
friends constantly stole from them and one day
while walking around the place, a red and orange album
cover caught my eye and at the time I was in need
of some Santana albums anyway, so I stopped to
check it out. Almost immediately after just reading
the header and looked up and said "wow" and knew
that I had to buy the album as soon as possible!
Also, it just a few days after I had heard
Jimi Hendrix: A Band Of Gypsies, so naturally
I was really interested in hearing more from
Buddy Miles.

Anyway, yes, this is an awesome album
and any fan of either Santana or Buddy Miles
should really check it out! They play a few
of their own songs and obviously have a lot
of fun while doing so, then, for an awesome ending,
they have an amazing half-hour long jam
and it's just some really crazy funky music!
The intro for the last song is a little dragged on,
but trust me, it's worth listening to.

Track Listening

1. Marbles - 4:18

2. Lava - 2:13

3. Evil Ways - 6:36

4. Faith Interlude - 2:13

5. Them Changes - 5:51

6. Free Form Funkafide Filth - 24:53


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