The Beatles - Revolver - 1966

I'm pretty sure everyone saw this coming
especially since I've already posted all of their movies.
Yes, despite how underground a lot of the albums
I upload are, I've decided to upload an album from the
most known band of all time; The Beatles.

Now, I had always enjoyed The Beatles' music
every since I was a small child, but really just didn't
know too much about them and I only knew
about a handful of their songs too, but then when I was
about fifteen, I started to really get into them.
I bought one album from them and constantly watched
The Yellow Submarine, but then one day while hanging out
with my good friend James, he showed me a huge box of
vinyl albums he found that not even he knew where it
came from! He pulled out an album seemingly at random
and it just so happened to be The Beatles' album Revolver.
Luckily, he had recently gotten a record player
(the same kind I myself now have), so he just threw the album on
and every since then we have both been addicted
to the psych music and culture.

Honestly, there is just not enough to say about this album!
The Beatles were the greatest band ever and every album
they released was and still is amazing and loved by people
all over the world. Without them, it's almost a fact that
not just music, but the entire world too would have been
completely different. To this day, you can still feel a strong
Beatles influence on music and pop culture. It might not be
as obvious as it once was, but if you pay close attention,
you can always point it out.

The album was one of the albums that got the world
into the psychedelic counter-culture of the 60s and 70s
and even today it still sounds just as fresh and original as ever.
I've said I've loved albums before, but this one
is my soul mate, dammit! You probably already have this one,
but if not, you need to get it right now! Luckily for you,
myself, and many others, have uploaded it so that don't
have to go through the embarrassment of admitting
to the cool, knowledgeable record store clerk that you
don't already have this. You're welcome. :]

Track Listing

1. Taxman - 2:39

2. Eleanor Rigby - 2:08

3. I'm Only Sleeping - 3:02

4. Love You To - 3:01

5. Here, There, And Everywhere - 2:26

6. Yellow Submarine - 2:40

7. She Said She Said - 2:37

8. Good Day Sunshine - 2:10

9. And Your Bird Can Sing - 2:02

10. For No One - 2:02

11. Doctor Robert - 2:15

12. I Want To Tell You - 2:30

13. Got To Get You Into My Life - 2:31

14. Tomorrow Never Knows - 2:57

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