Abstract Truth - Silver Trees - 1970

Here's another album from Abstract Truth.
It's a good album, but I don't think it's as good as
Totum. I uploaded it anyway though because
in 2000, Totum was re-released and packaged together
with this album, Silver Trees and depending on how much
you liked Totum, you'll probably enjoy this album too.
It's got a lot of the things I love about Totum and
a lot of the same instruments too, but it just doesn't seem
as original to me. They still get into a lot of crazy jams though,
so there's still a lot of good on this album a plenty of reasons
why it needs to be heard by more people, so enjoy.

Track Listing

1. Pollution - 3:13

2. Silver Trees - 8:14

3. In A Space - 3:54

4. Moving Away - 2:58

5. Two - 2:36

6. Blue Wednesday Speaks - 4:12

7. It's Alright With Me - 2:42


the purple one said...

thanks for this set of tunes, great album. cheers from oz

Chase The Drummer said...

Your welcome my friend!

kamagra said...

I think this album is good or better than the other one specially this song Silver Trees because it's so weird it has different points of views and a perfect lyric.m10m

Anonymous said...

Links dead....

alangoldberg said...

I've been looking for this for ages... unfortunately the links have either been deleted or seized by the FBI (megaupload)