Relatively Clean Rivers - Self Titled - 1975

This is a great album by underground psych legend Phil Pearlman!
I had most of the albums from him for a while before I even realized
they were all from the same guy! I mean, I had three of his
five albums and all of them went by different band names
and sounded almost completely different from one another,
so what was I supposed to think? Still, as different as they all sound,
they're all amazing in their own ways! This is one of his later albums,
but it feels and sounds like it was released about a decade before it
actually was! It has more of a folk feel then his other projects,
but it's just as psychedelic as the rest of them.
It's got a real nice laid back vibe about it that's very relaxing
and a lot of interesting progressions and what not.
If you're looking for something smooth to trip out to,
this is definitely it!

Also, if anyone comes across Phil's album 'Chrome Reversed Rails'
under the band name of 'Phil & The Flakes', I'd really appreciate it
if you could send a link my way since it's now the only album
from him that I still currently do not have. I plan on up loading
the rest of his small collection over time and it'd really help!

Track Listing

1. Easy Ride - 3:51

2. Journey Through The Vally Of O - 4:13

3. Babylon - 5:52

4. Last Flight To Eden - 2:43

5. Prelude - 0:30

6. Hello Sunshine - 3:34

7. They Knew What To Say - 3:26

8. The Persian Caravan - 3:51

9. A thousand Years - 5:23

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