Ananda Shankar - Self Tittled - 1970

This is a very interesting album...
Thanks to both Ravi Shankar and the Beatles,
the pop culture and music of the era became highly
influenced by the traditional Indian music,
so we ended up with a lot of western pop music
trying to be eastern which I personally love the way
it turned out, heh. But, this isn't like that.
Ananda is the nephew of Ravi, but instead of learning
how to play sitar from him, he learned it from
Dr. Lalmani Misra how was also a renowned classical
Indian musician, so right away you can get rid of
any thoughts about how he only got famous
due to his uncle. Ananda's music is true traditional
Indian music that has been infused with western music.
He mixes the two together way better then any
musician before or after has ever done!
He even covers a few songs on the pop charts
of the time such as 'Jumpin' Jack Flash' by The Rolling Stones
and 'Light My Fire' by The Doors and I tell you
it's just simply perfect! It literally brought a tear
to my eye the first time I hear his cover of
Light My Fire! Strangely enough though,
you don't even need to be into classic rock
of any kind, nor do you have to be into Indian music
to enjoy this album because it's just so far ahead of
its time! A lot of it is actually pretty danceable.
The only thing that could really turn anyone off
from it is if they're either only into heavy music
or if they only like music with someone singing.
This is absolutely not a 'heavy' album of any kind
and there are absolutely no words. If that doesn't
bother you or if you actually prefer that,
then you need to hear this album!
The same goes for any fan of The Doors.

Track Listing

1. Jumpin' Jack Flash - 3:36

2. Snow Flower - 2:49

3. Light My Fire - 3:32

4. Mamata (Affection) - 3:09

5. Metamorphosis - 6:50

6. Sagar (The Ocean) - 13:17

7. Dance Indra - 3:53

8. Raghupati - 3:28


Anonymous said...

Hi! Jumpin Jack Flash is from ROLLING STONES - not Who!

Chase The Drummer said...

Sorry, typo, my bad!