Moondog - More Moondog - 1956

Sadly, as much as I love this crazy blind Viking's music
I cannot suggest it to everyone. Moondog has a very
unique style of music that is all his own, but based
off of both classical music and traditional
native American music. Although I usually encourage
people to try to get into different styles of music,
this is just one of those things were some people
just simply can't seem to get into. This is not talking
down on Moondog in anyway because it's nothing
he did wrong. The man is a musical genius and
a true visionary on the matter too! Despite how
almost completely unknown he is now, he has
influenced countless musicians after him
including Big Brother and the Holding Company
whom we all know started Janis Joplin career
and two of the members join Country Joe and the Fish,
so without Moondog, the psych music scene could have
ended up completely different from the way we love it!
Although I know not everyone will love this album,
I still think you should give it a chance just to see
if you're one of the ones who will love it
as much as I do!

Track Listing

1. Duet: Queen Elizabeth Whistle And Bamboo Pipe - 0:55

2. Conversation And Music At 51st St. & 6th Ave. (New York City) - 1:42

3. Hardshoe (7/4) Ray Malone - 1:17

4. Tugboat Toccata - 2:27

5. Autumn - 2:10

6. Seven Beat Suite (3 Parts) - 2:16

7. Oo Solo (6/4) - 2:25

8. Rehearsal Of Violetta's "Barefoot Dance" - 2:47

9. Oo Solo (2/4) - 1:48

10. Ostrich Feathers Played On Drum - 0:29

11. Oboe Round - 1:09

12. Chant - 0:48

13. All Is Loneliness - 1:02

14. Sextet (Oo) - 1:33

15. Fiesta Piano Solo - 1:49

16. Moondog Monologue - 8:27


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