Demian - Self-titled - 1971

This is technically their debut album,
but they had already been somewhat known
since they were already signed under the name
Bubble Puppy before this. Sadly, due to
poor management, Bubble Puppy ended up breaking up,
but then reformed shortly after under the band name
of Demian and they're just as amazing as ever!

I decided to upload this album because I was
looking at what I had already uploaded and
realized that I was seriously lacking in
just plain old regular classic rock.
This was an unjust that I could not
allow to continue, so here we are.
A straight up classic rock album that
really knows how to jam it out!

These guys are so together it's
just insanity! At times, it almost seems
as if they're reading each others' minds!
Even their more mellow stuff has that
sturdy, heavy back beat which defines
rock beats and the rolls and fillers
are just in perfect timing with the guitars!
Really, it's just some of the most
together jamming I have ever heard.
A great listen for any rock fan!

Track Listening

1. Face The Crowd - 3:00

2. Windy City - 5:22

3. Love People - 2:18

4. Coming - 5:36

5. Todd's Tune - 3:24

6. No More Tenderness - 3:56

7. Are You With Me, Baby - 4:57

8. Only A Loner - 4:41


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zappahead said...

This is one i regret missing first time around.....but I guess now is a better time...than never.....excellent soundzzz.....thanks for the share.

Chase The Drummer said...

Any time my friend!

Anonymous said...

check out another post Bubble Puppy band called Sirius. Puppy has reformed a few times putting out a couple of albums.