Donovan - Open Road - 1970

My apologize to those of you that are getting tired
of psych folk rock, but I up loaded this one more as
an introduction to a relatively unknown style,
which I am in love with, known as Celtic Rock.
Now, already I know anyone who knows what
Celtic is, is probably tripping out over the thought
of a psych folk rock album and yes, it is
just as crazy as it sounds! Now all of this album
is really Celtic rock, but as the album goes on,
it gets more and more Celtic. Though, of course,
with Donovan, you know he can't stick to
just one style and he adds influences from
all over the place into his music.
It really adds a lot to this album
and all the influences evident really are
quite a nice delight, but if you like a song,
it's not really guaranteed that you'll like the next,
nor is the likewise guaranteed, but you should
at least give this album a chance and any fan
of Donovan will love it!

By the way,
the most Celtic song on here, and even I
got a kick out of this, is call Celtic Rock
and it is as crazy and amazing as Celtic rock gets!
It doesn't even matter what type of rock music
you're into, if you're into any then this one track
makes the whole album worth listening too
even if on the off chance you don't really like
any of the other songs. It truly does make the album!

Track Listing

1. Changes - 2:57

2. Song For John - 2:43

3. Curry Land - 4:38

4. Joe Bean's Theme - 2:52

5. People Used To - 4:09

6. Celtic Rock - 3:37

7. Riki Tiki Tavi - 2:55

8. Clara Clairvoyant - 2:57

9. Roots Of Oak - 4:53

10. Season Of Farewell - 3:25

11. Poke At The Pope - 2:47

12. New Year's Resolution - 5:09


Anonymous said...

This is a great album man , thank you for sharing it. Do you also have Brother Sun , Sister Moon from Dononvan ? greetz from Belgium.

Chase The Drummer said...

Glad you enjoyed it!
Sorry, but I don't have it at the moment.
I tried looking for it for you,
but this low quality version was the
best that I could find...


But, if I come across a better version of it
or if a copy lands in my hands,
I'll be sure to upload it man!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link , it is the old original brother sun sister moon that is on the rapidsharelink , there is a new version from 2004 , but only available through Itunes , and that is the one I am After :) if you ever need an album ,I will load it up for you ( if i got it ) ;-) greetings

Chase The Drummer said...

Cool man, cool.
And sorry again for
not being able to find it!

Anonymous said...

No Problem , I guess it will turn up sooner or later , every now and then I check your great blog for some music , have a nice day :)

Chase The Drummer said...

Now you're giving me too much credit, but thanks anyway my friend. :]

Anonymous said...


Chase The Drummer said...


Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

kamagra said...

Excellent track list, thanks because that's exactly the music I like, specially Joe Bean's Theme and
People Used To because I can feel every word of the song inside of me.m10m