Blind Faith - Self Titled - 1969

After Just three years with the enormously successful
Cream, Eric Clapton decided he was tired of it and,
taking Ginger Baker (drums) with him, started yet another
super group which, despite only releasing one album,
has also become someone of a legend and trust be,
it's not just because of an album cover that is still
considered extremely provocative today, heh.

Blind Faith isn't anywhere near as psychedelic as Cream,
but instead is way more blues influenced which is
just the kind of thing anyone would expect from Clapton.
Still, I guess it didn't matter how badly Clapton wanted
to be a traditional blues musician since Ginger Baker
made sure to provide drum beats and patterns that
obviously influenced Mitch Mitchell who was the drummer
for Hendrix, heh. Any fan of blues, whether it be traditional
or blues rock, will love this as well as any fan Cream.
Also, if you're looking for an album with some great riffs
and solos backed up by a great band, then you too might
wanna get this album, heh.

Track Listing

1. Had To Cry Today - 8:48

2. Can't Find My Way Home - 3:16

3. Well... Alright - 4:27

4. Presence Of The Lord - 4:48

5. Sea Of Joy - 5:22

6. Do What You Like - 15:18


zappahead said...

thank you for this one....and a very happy new year to you.

Chase The Drummer said...

It's one of my favorites too
and a happy new year to you too!

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