Art - Supernatural Fairy Tales - 1967

This a great album. Technically this is Art's only album
because after this one they added Gary Wright and
changed their band name to Spooky Tooth.
Honestly, it doesn't bring much new to the table,
but if you're into the psych of the late 60s,
then you should really give this one a listen.
Their cover of Buffalo Springfield's "For What It's Worth"
is fairly good, but "Room With A View" would probably
be my favorite on this album. A few great songs on this
album, yeah, but sadly... What really drew me to
this one was just it's awesome cover art, heh.
Still, if you're looking for some more 60s psych
to add to your collection, then you should
definitely check this album out!

Track Listing

1. I Think I'm Going Weird - 3:21

2. What's That Sound (For What It's Worth) - 2:50

3. African Thing - 4:07

4. Room With A View - 3:40

5. Flying Anchors - 2:43

6. Supernatural Fairy Tale - 3:37

7. Love Is Real - 3:19

8. Come On Up - 3:02

9. Brothers, Dads, And Mothers - 3:30

10. Talkin' To Myself - 1:42

11. Alive Not Dead - 2:14

12. Rome Take Away Three - 3:00


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