The Zombies - Odessey and Oracle - 1968

Here's one of my favorite albums which I can't understand
why more people now a days don't know about it. Especially since
it ranked #80 on Rolling Stones Magazine's 500 greatest albums
and it has "Time Of The Season" which was one of The Zombies'
biggest hits! But, despite how unique The Zombies were and
how amazing this album is, The Zombies still seem to have been
somewhat forgotten like the vast majority of musical master pieces.

Anyway, despite what their band name might suggest,
this album would probably be best described as
straight up psych pop, but with a huge dose of much
appreciated originality. Granted, it probably wouldn't
seem too original today, but just remember the year
in which this was released. Although their band name
fails to properly represent their sound, I believe this
album cover does a pretty good job of it. Very pretty
psych music and soothing vocals. As expected, it
mixes pretty well together and creates a relaxing
feeling, but still conjures all the swirly, floral images
you'd expect from a good psych album.
This is another one of those album that if
you're just into the heavier music, then you might
wanna stay away from it, but anyone else will
probably love it! Great addition to any psych collect.

Track Listing

1. Care Of Cell 44 - 3:57

2. A Rose For Emily - 2:19

3. Maybe After He's Gone - 2:34

4. Beechwood Park - 2:44

5. Brief Candles - 3:30

6. Hung Up On A Dream - 3:02

7. Changes - 3:20

8. I Want Her She Wants Me - 2:53

9. This Will Be Our Year - 2:08

10. Butcher's Tale (Western Front 1914) - 2:48

11. Friends Of Mine - 2:18

12. Time Of The Season - 3:34


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