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Hugo Chavez Is Dead: The US Rejoices!

No, thankfully he is still alive,
but sadly
, I am almost certain that is
will be a major
news headline in a couple
of years
from now.
The media
and government
lead you to belie
ve he is some kind of terrorist
y because he does not support our countries ways,
but anyon
e who was done enough research on
the way our count
ry is run will tell you that they don't either.

It reall
y didn't help when Hugo threatened to
d his country from us if we attempted to invade.

it was the right thing to do and it shows
his passi
on for his people and that he truly
stands what it means to be a leader,
but our leade
rs don't like being stood up too,
so they misqu
ote him, show clips of his speech
etely out of contexts, and make him look like
some kind of mania
, even the Daily Show,
although being a comedy news show tells
more of the truth
then normal news shows do, refuse to give
the whole
truth and this is just another one of those
Hugo must be saved
if the world is
to be free.
He is not the answe
r, but he is a very
tant key and a vital part of this worlds salvation.

This is yet anoth
er reason why our nation's leaders
want him dead and plan to go to war with him.

ad of allowing our country to murder him,
we need to find a way to get him and sever
al other
rs together.
A union
with alternative views
from our natio
n who truly understand the way
s are being run into the ground in not just our nation,
but in almos
t every fully developed nation in the world.

t let them assassinate Hugo just because they
tell you he's a terro
Do resea
rch on him and find out
the truth
It doesn
't even have to be much because
any indep
endent research you make on him
will revea
l that he is a great man with some
iant plans to help not only his own country,
but the rest of the world
as well and he has
also alrea
dy made a lot of effort towards reaching his goals.

I'm not sayin
g he should be our leader,
I'm just sayin
g he needs to stay alive and others
with good inten
tions who are also not afraid to
d themselves from governments like ours
need to rise to power
Hugo will be kille
and even he knows
this, but we need to keep him
as long as possible and bring the truth
of what he's doing
to light so that others may follow.

e people, do some research for once
and don'
t just listen to what the media tells you
or what anyon
e else tells you either for that matter!
t even believe me until you do some research!
You can help save the world
just by arming
elf with knowledge and bringing that knowledge
to light
one person at a time.
If every
one knew the
about the world, there would be no tax,
less wars,
better living environments, healthier
food and water
, less poor and rich, a lot less
ngless laws.
I reali
ze that some of what I say
may sound
fictional, but in today's world,
most truth
s do, so as I said before, do your own research.

ugh I said not to believe me until you do,
I can promi
se you that everything I said is true
and what seems
boring now will turn out to be
a mind expan
ding journey which will inevitably help
you to help the world
. Please do your research.

On the note of research,
it would be hipocritical for me to
provide you with any source of research,
but then at the same time it wouldn't
be very helpful if I didn't, so here's a
nice link to get you started.


Now then, if you don't believe something
said on this site, please, as I said, do the research yourself.
It's pointless for you to go around stating views you've
stolen from others without even fully believing it
or even understanding it either for that matter.

Also, I know I have already stated that this blog
is meant mainly for music and I apologized for the
previous political post, but I have decided that
there is a lot to gain and little to lose by using this
blog to bring these things to light. Music fans
who stop by here who don't mind reading will have
a chance at being shown the light from the point
of view that I understand it from and anyone
doing independent research who stumbles upon
this blog will have the chance to discover some music.
Though, there's no need to fear music lovers,
this'll always be a music blog dedicated
to spreading music, so the uploads will not end.

I'll wrap this up.
Obviously, there's no way for me to make
anyone take the time to read what I have to say
nor would I want to, so please don't feel as though
I am forcing anything on you, but please believe me...
I would be highly appreciated if you did enlighten yourself,
then helped to spread the light and that doesn't just go out
to my fellow Americans either. We are not the only one
getting screwed and dumbed down so that we don't even
understand how truly screwed we are. It's happening all over
the world and despite what we may might think,
third world countries actually have it better then us
in many ways. I know my begging might seem pushy
and is probably annoying at this point, but please...
Do your research and help free the world.
If not for world wide freedom, then for your own
personal freedom.

And on that note, I leave you with a video
from the above provided link.


Anonymous said...

Hi Chase,

another nice post, which I read with some interest, not because you were telling me anything new, but because I am happy that there are young people who have fathomed how this world really is working.

I am a high school teacher in Europe, teaching English and history, and I know that there are not too many of your generation who would be even interested in turning off the TV or their Playstation and start to observe and think. Especially in my history classes I try to show how history is used as a propaganda tool; I try to help my students see things from a different perspective. I also tell them about quantum physics and stuff, hoping that they might start to overcome our old world view formed by Descart, Bacon and Newton and begin to see the possibilities that we all have, the power to change everything. It works with some of them, perhaps 10%, which is a start. Once in a while a student even asks for literature on these topics, and some of those even read the books I recommend...

Sometimes it can be pretty frustrating, though, which is why it makes me so happy to know that there are young people like you out there who won't be fooled by the shiny media and may not be seducted and sedated by blind consumption.

But as I told you last time, things ARE ALREADY changing. To me, you are proof of it, and many others are as well. Just observe for example a growing insight on what the FED really is, how banks and money work. Ten years ago things really were differnt here. There is a reason why movies like Zeitgeist are popping up just now. Look at the (relative) success of movies like One, What The BLEEP Do We Know, all the Michael Moore stuff or even more materialistic flics like The Secret, to name but a few. Things are changing, slowly but surely, and the forces in power know that, and they are trying their best to keep the status quo (9/11 etc.), but they KNOW that they have lost already. Chavez may be assassinated just like so many other South and Middle American leaders who dared to think about their people first, but it won't stop the process. You may not believe me, and sometimes I have some doubts myself, but our time has come. It is happening, all over the world, even if we cannot see it in the mainstream right now.

Anyway, keep on doing what you are doing. Great job, man!


The Fonk

Chase The Drummer said...

Once again, thank you for taking the time to read what I have to say. Yes, I do have my doubts of the world changing, but lately I've been using that doubt as a drive to continue doing more research and to try even harder to spread the word. If I look at it logically, then I really shouldn't have any doubt and as history has taught, it's never too late to have a revolution, but the doubt I have seems to act the same way as my youthful feeling of invincibility that most people my age and younger feel. Logically you know it's not true, but logic doesn't waiver the feeling. Still, I have hope and I will continue to do what I can, as I hope you will too, and hopefully either time or age will end my doubts.