David Bowie - Space Oddity - 1969

Judging by the lack of comments on my first upload,
I'm guessing not everyone is as big of a Bowie fan as I am.
Still, I had to upload this album too. It's got more of a
folk take on his unique style of music then
most of his albums and it contains his brilliant rock/space opera
Space Oddity. At times it seems really well thought out
and at other times it seems as if it was thought up one day,
written down on a napkin, then forgot about for a while.
Still, it's all good and it's great relaxing music.
As always, Bowie's got a great voice and some really
unique vocal techniques which really pulls all the music together
making parts that would otherwise seem played-out pact a
powerful emotion filled vibe. Though as good as the music
and vocals are, it's obvious that the main focus of this album
went into storytelling. This whole album makes you feel like
you're at an amazing one man play. If you haven't already,
you really should check this album out!

Track Listing

1. Space Oddity - 5:18

2. Unwashed And Somewhat Slightly Dazed - 6:13

3. Don't Sit Down - 0:43

4. Letter To Hermione - 2:34

5. Cygnet Committee - 9:35

6. Janine - 3:22

7. An Occasional Dream - 3:00

8. Wild Eyed Boy From Freecloud - 4:51

9. God Knows I'm Good - 3:20

10. Memory Of A Free Festival - 7:14

11. Bonus - Conversation Piece - 3:08

12. Bonus - Memory Of A Free Festival - Part 1 - 4:02

13. Bonus - Memory Of A Free Festival - Part 2 - 3:32



Geoff said...

links gone...

Chase The Drummer said...

I'll up load it tonight
when I get a bit more free time. -_-

Chase The Drummer said...

Okay, I re-uploaded it
and hopefully this time it'll
last a bit longer.

deadrose said...

Thanks for this one! I'm a hopeless David Bowie fan, and always will be.

Chase The Drummer said...

Same here man!
And welcomes!

Niebla said...


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