Kevin Ayers - Joy Of A Toy - 1969

So, after Soft Machine's debut album, they did a lot
of openings for Jimi Hendrix. Although I'm sure we can
all agree that it would have been amazing to have been
to one of those shows, the constant gigging still
took a toll on Kevin and he needed a break. Well,
he must have planed on it being more then just
a break, because he even sold his Fender jazz bass
to Noel Reddings, heh. But, while on this break,
he seemed to have gotten nothing but none stop
inspiration as he began to just write song after song.
Most of which became his first solo album, Joy Of A Toy.
He still played with Soft Machine, but also manged
to carry on an amazing solo career at the same time;
something that must not have been easy especially back
then when record companies seemed to have demanded
almost as much as two or even three albums a year!

The name Joy Of A Toy comes from the name of
the second track of Soft Machine's debut album,
but the song is also continued on this album
as it's first track. I realize the title and cover
of this album might turn some people away from it,
but trust me, any psych lover will love this album,
so give it a chance! Obviously, it's got the Canterbury
sound, so check it out if you're into that!

Track Listing

1. Joy Of A Toy Continued - 2:54

2. Town Feeling - 4:51

3. The Clarietta Rag - 3:20

4. Girl On A Swing - 2:50

5. Song For Insane Times - 4:01

6. Stop This Train (Again Doing It) - 6:06

7. Elanor's Cake (Which Ate Her) - 2:54

8. Lady Rachel - 5:18

9. Oleh Oleh Bandu Bandong - 5:36

10. All This Crazy Gift Of Time - 3:58


Anonymous said...

Hey Drummer,

You’ve got a great site here. I’ve been perusing a lot of your posts and am really impressed with your taste in music from the halcyon days (or daze) of psych and assorted genres. It’s very cool to know someone born in ’89 has such an appreciation!

I am considerably longer in the tooth. In fact your comment about seeing Jimi with the Soft Machine is right on. That was my first real rock concert in Chicago at the Auditorium Theatre. According this link it was on Saturday August 10, 1968 (isn’t the Web amazing!!) http://www.geocities.com/SunsetStrip/Diner/

Anyway, I actually wanted to write about your political diatribe back a couple weeks ago when you burned a $20 bill. Once again I’m really impressed with your insights. You are right that the rich and powerful have gained one hell of an upper hand. I was 16 years old on the first Earth day and 20 years old when Nixon was forced to resign.

The counterculture of that time made some amazing progress. We thought we had won; slacked off, and moved to the country. Well, evil never rests and the “powers that be” have made certain those times won’t threaten them again.

Now, as you said “half of the people feel like they have a choice and that they are making a difference in this nation while the other half stop paying attention all together, distracting the majority from the things truly effecting us”. I hope our generations remember the Who song Wont Get Fooled Again …“meet the new boss, same as the old boss”.

I should close before this rambles out of control. In doing so let me address your last comment “I'd leave, but there's only a matter of time until there's no place left to run”.
Don’t be so sure about that. The world is a big place with a lot of nooks and crannies.

You’re on the right track. Finish your degree. That piece of paper will be useful. Then travel and see what the developing world has to offer. For one, the South Pacific is an incredible place. And check out the Peace Corps, you can travel and live on Uncle Sam’s dime while helping others (and even defer student loans).

All the best man! -bluesmutt

Chase The Drummer said...

Glad you enjoy the music!
That makes two people I know for
sure actually read the post, heh.
But, that's still two more then I
even expected to read it, so I'm
happy for now. The word still needs
to get out to a lot more people
if any difference is to be made
about any of the situations we've
allowed ourselves to get caught up
in, but I know it takes a lot of
time and patience to get anything
spread around none the less
knowledge that we've purposely
been kept ignorant of. I know that
there are already many people
who are fight for our freedoms
to be given back to us, but there
still needs to be a lot more!

Anyway, the "hippies" (for lack of
a better term) of the 60s and 70s
did do a lot of good and I believe
a lot of that energy and drive
is being reborn with my generation,
but those in powerful positions
have learned how to distract and
redirect that energy into pretty
much any cause they want, so
unless something is done, it won't
matter how many people think
they're making a difference.

I was once like everyone else too.
Worrying about things that didn't
really matter and thinking I was
well informed, but after a period
of time of non-strict solitude
which lasted since I was sixteen
till who knows when and the means
to do some of my own research,
I became more aware of what was
happening and some of the lies
that I had been taught in school.
Unfortunately, my parents raised
me to care about others over myself,
so I can't just say "Oh well"
and hope I'm dead before things
get any worse. Besides, they'll
most likely get worse then either
of us can even imagine within my
lifetime, so it's best I do
whatever I can to help for my own
good as well.

In my short life, I have already
been to or through every state
of this land, minus Alaska, but I
have yet to ever leave which means
although I feel I have a pretty
good feel of the mentality of
this country and the way things work,
I honestly have no clue of how
the rest of the world is and can
only go by what I hear or read.
But, I do plan on leaving eventually
and hopefully I will find a safe
haven during my travels. The only
problem with that is I will then
be even further form my people and
will have and even more difficult
time reaching any of them! Sure,
I'll still have the Internet,
but I don't like the thought of
always having to rely on it
to spread knowledge. As Chaotic as
it seems, the Internet is a bit too
controlled for me.

And just like that, I'm the one
who ended up rambling... Well,
thanks for you comments and
opinion! It's very much

Abuwelove! said...

Thanks for the upload!

Ivan Alsace said...

Gracias !!