Comus - The First Utterance - 1971

Okay, here's an amazing album that I
have been listening to almost none stop
for the past couple of months now.
It's probably the best psych-folk rock
I have ever heard and it's a shame
more people haven't heard of it.
The band has a very dark and experimental feel,
but it's not necessarily depressing.
Just trust me on it and listen to this album
and if your music interest is even slightly like mine,
then you'll be hooked within moments of hearing
the opening track Diana! They have another album,
but I haven't heard it yet, so I can't say much about it.
If it's anything like this one, then it's sure to be
nothing less then another master piece!

Track Listing

1. Diana - 4:37

2. The Herald - 12:15

3. Drip Drip - 10:56

4. Song To Comus - 7:31

5. The Bite - 5:27

6. Bitten - 2:16

7. The Prisoner - 6:16


yes said...

Progressive Rock

BlackSpring said...

Yah. You're totally right. This album is brilliant. I've downloaded it a couple of months ago and also just got hooked. Its melodicaly weird... in the most positive way.

Chase The Drummer said...

Glad to know I'm not alone in appreciating bands that takes new approaches towards music, heh.

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Anonymous said...

fine choice of music here.
thanx a lot.

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