The Beatles (movies)

I know it's been a while since my last upload,
but uploading is such an annoying thing
and I only have the patience for it every now and then...
But, to make it up to you, here's a little gift.

Now, I have always loved The Beatles
and their movies are just as brilliant as everything else they do!
So, here are all four Beatle movies! With how quickly
everything you actually go online to find gets deleted,
I'd suggest watching these as soon as possible.
I didn't upload them, but I'm sure they've been
upped for a while now, so it's only a matter of time...


A Hard Day's Night (You have do download Veoh to watch it full, but it's free!)

Online Videos by Veoh.com
This is the first movie the Beatles made.
The one with the ever so famous and constantly reenacted scene
of them being chased by a huge group of women and they have to
run away and hide in a bunch of funny ways. After that scene,
Paul's grandfather is introduced. Now, The Beatles are already funny,
but I have to say that this guy really makes the movies.
I don't even have to say anything else about this film!
Well... Except for "He's quite clean".


This one involves a cult who, at first, is trying to steal back a ring
that is stuck on Ringo's finger, which he in a fan letter.
Though, in the second half of the movie, they're
trying to paint him red a sacrifice him.
It doesn't sound like a very good story line,
but as always, The Beatles make it good
and keep the movie constantly going with their
witty sense of humor and random music scenes.

Magical Mystery Tour

This, obviously, is when The Beatles started to get a little strange,
but that's all part of the reason why we love them so much!
Most of this movie doesn't make much sense
and is probably one of the most random movies
you will ever see, but it's good none the less!
It starts off with Ringo taking his mean aunt on a weird bus trip
and right away things start getting a little strange...
It's based off of a comic that came inside the original vinyl album
by the same name as the movie.

Yellow Submarine

This, although the last one made, was the first Beatle movie
that I ever saw and is what got me into them in the first place!
Because of this film, I knew what it was like to get high
before I ever even smoked anything! It's a animated film
and it has a pretty interesting storyline. Another world call Pepperland
is under attack from The Blue Meanies. A man in a Submarine
from Pepperland approaches The Beatles and asks them for their help
and thus our most epic Beatles adventure begins.

You're welcome. :]

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