Pink Floyd - A Saucerful Of Secrets - 1968

If it isn't already obvious,
I'm in love with the works of Syd Barrett!
Although this was only Pink Floyd's second album,
it was sadly also the last official studio album
of theirs to feature Syd. Apparently, his heavy drug use
had finally started to take a toll on his mental state
and the life of a rock star only worsened things even more,
so he made the decision to leave the band.
But, as sad and regretful as that is, his spiral down
into insanity did lead to a very odd, yet brilliant in every way,
album that is loved by almost every psych-head who's ever heard it!
The only real complaints I've heard about this album
from those who know how to appreciate the good in insanity
is that it isn't as "raw" as the first album and although that
is true, all that really means is that it's less of an actual
'rock' album and more of a musical theme for both
a trip into insanity and... "other" trips as well!
Though, like all the best psych albums,
it makes it possible to "trip out" with any
other external help needed.

In truth, its kind of a short album,
but after the instrumental journey the twelve minute
long title track takes you on and the psychedelic genius
of the other six tracks, you'll have to agree to that this album
is nothing short of a psych masterpiece! But to me, even outside
the realm of psych music, it should still be considered a masterpiece!
I mean, in parts of this album, there are clear classical influences.
Sure, anyone, with the right instruments, can make something sound
somewhat classical, but few people can pull it off this well while still
containing a solid psychedelic vibe of pure melancholy insanity.
Over all, it's a beautiful album with a sound like no other.

Track Listing

1. Let There Be More Light - 5:39

2. Remember A Day - 4:33

3. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun - 5:27

4. Corporal Clegg - 4:12

5. A Saucerful Of Secrets - 12:00

6. See-Saw - 4:37

7. Jugband Blues - 3:00


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