Insanity: An Artist's Most Beloved Weapon

I have always had at least a slight obsession with both insanity and spirals and over the years it has grown. Yes, the solitude has helped me understand insanity a lot better, but, although I might have been at several points, I honestly don't believe I am insane. Or at least not completely. What I have come to understand is that despite what most people seem to think, insanity doesn't necessarily have anything to do with a loss of self-control or any such thing like it. Insanity is just thinking and seeing this realm differently from the majority, so in truth, in order to truly prosper, we must all be at least a little insane. Still, too much of anything is never completely a good thing. Without any grip on some form of commonly agreed upon sanity, we would have very little, if any, connection with one another and advances in this realm would become all but hopeless. Many, myself included, would debate that achievements in this reality are meaningless, but at the same time even I am curious to test the boundaries of this world and see how far we can bend every last law of physics and rule of logic and without the aid of one another, these boundaries will go almost completely untested. Still, my obsession with insanity forces me to admire those who are seemingly completely insane and detached the world we know. Their bodies live and brains function, but their minds are on a completely new level all on its own leaving the body to wonder through our version of sanity in utter confusion. Whenever someone like this is brought to my attention, I can't help but become overcome with thoughts desperately trying to grasps theirs despite how futile I know my attempts are. Still, it's a challenge and all challenges offer some form of reward.

As for spirals, I have come to the conclusion that their a perfect symbolic representation of the mind being driven to insanity during those moments when you can actually feel your thoughts changing and turning towards a new direction, so in a way, my co-obsession with them is only natural. Spirals and insanity are one in the same.

Furthermore, as for insanity being an artist's weapon, well, that should already be pretty obvious. Art, regardless of form, is always self-expression. If you create something that is not honestly expressing how you feel or think about anything, then it is, no matter how perfect, not truly art. Sanity is the turning away from true expression and stepping into conformity, so without insanity there would be no true art.

To sum things up, although too much of it will leave you detached from this realm, insanity still brings lots of benefits, so if we want to advance in this world as much as possible, we must learn to find an even ground between both the concepts of sanity and insanity. But, remember, over time the standards for sanity will change in every way. What is considered insane now will eventually switch places with sanity just like it's done before and it will continue to do so until the end of time because in the end, sanity is really just a fictional human concept designed to point out people who don't quite fit in with the current idea of normality. Eventually, the whole concept will all come crashing down and the terms and ideas involved will be forgotten, but until that day comes, we should still work with both sides of the coin.

Thank you anyone who actually read all of this
and as always, feel free to add to this.


achali said...

born in 1989? did i read that right? you're a young dude on a path toward wisdom that's for sure. balance is definitely that key. i'll be reading more in the future...


achali said...

mind if i post this on the liberator website? credit and proper sourcing, of course:


Chase The Drummer said...

Yeah, you read it right. Not even twenty yet, heh. Sure, I don't mind my friend. Hey, this blog is mostly for uploading the works of others. I'd have to be a hypocrite to have a problem with it, heh. But, thanks for letting me know!

Anonymous said...

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Cheshire Adams said...

Hi there.

I found you through Captain Crawl while looking up Kevin Ayers.

You seem an interesting person.

Perhaps, if they'll let me, I can invite you to a psychedelic music forum that you may enjoy.

Peace and love,

Rodrigo Rodrigues da Silva said...

Glad to have found your site! Already in favorites for further digging through the posts :D