Black Sabbath - Paranoid - 1970

can't upload

Unfortunately the site has taken down my previous post of this album
and sent me a warning telling me not to do it again. So, sorry guys,
if you want this one, you'll have to look elsewhere, but trust me,
with as great and famous as this one is, that should be no problem.
Even if I fail, the ideals and benefits of new age piracy shall live on!
I have also decided that whenever I get a new band together,
all of our music will always be free. Sure, to make enough money
to live off of it, we'd have to constantly be gigging and sell a lot of
merchandise and really, really cool album covers, but really,
all of those are things I enjoy anyway and I just want enough cash
to live, so there's no real draw backs.

Anyway, I'm not making this post to rant or anything like that,
no, I'm just not really in the ranting mood today. No, I'm making
this post because even though I can't upload this album,
I know a bunch of other people will and I love this album so much
that I figured I could still at least make a small review about it.
But, since I had already written a review about it(twice I believe),
I'm going to make it short and just say that it's one of the best
albums ever created and whether you buy or download it,
you should really just get your hands on it if you haven't already!


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Chase The Drummer said...

Of course I'll help out by posting a link. Hope all works out for you guys!

Anonymous said...

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