Despite popular belief...

It's not just classic rock that I listen to.
Yes, in most cases I do prefer it over any other style,
but as an artist I do realize that all music is good,
it just depends on what you personally like.
I therefor I'm always keeping an open ear
for new sounds that might catch my interest.
After all, it's not very progressive to stick to just one thing.
Normally I just post old school stuff and that's both
because it's my favorite type of music and because
it's dieing in today's culture and I think there needs to be
more people spreading it to keep it alive for future generations.
But, there are some musicians that are a bit more recent
that I really enjoy and I'd like to share their music,
but at the moment I don't feel like uploading multiple albums,
so instead I'll just post a few videos. If you hear anything
that you'd like to hear more of, just let me know
and I'll upload it for you.

"Shut Me Up" by Mindless Self Indulgence

MSI is probably one of the most independent and original bands around today. Granted this song could easily be considered as techno/punk, but a lot of their songs just really can't be defined. I picked this song because it, and it's video, makes me laugh. The video was directed by Jhonen Vasquez (creator of Invader Zim and JtHM) and I am a huge fan of his work, so when I heard he directed a video, I just had to see it and next thing I knew I was listening to nothing but MSI for a week straight, heh.

"Henrietta" by The Fratellis

Here's a really fun upbeat band which could get almost anyone to get up and dance, heh. It's no wonder one of their songs was used in an iPod commercial! I can hear some rockabilly, jazz, and blues influences among many other things and really it all just comes together perfectly! Also, I like the lead singer's choice in hats, heh.

"Jazz(We've Got)/Buggin' Out" by A Tribe Called Quest

Here's the group that pretty much invented jazz rap, but it's not like you really hear too many others doing it... Still, some of the most brilliant rhymes I've ever heard! The bass parts in the song and the album it was on(The Low End Theory)were all played by famous jazz bassist Ron Carter, so don't assume they're just like every other rapper directly ripping beats and music from other musicians' albums. If you're not into rap at all, you probably won't care too much for them, but if you're into jazz, then this could be what gets you more into hip hop.

"Sitting, Waiting, Wishing" by Jack Johnson

Now here's an act I got into while I was still living in Hawaii. Jack Johnson lived on the same island as me and naturally his music was huge there before it reached the main land(the rest of the country). It was pretty rare to go a whole day without hearing his music at least once, but thankfully I liked it the first time I heard it and it never really got annoying. I think I was drawn to it because some of his songs have strong blues influences and a lot of them have really good reggae bass lines some of which kind of remind me of Bob Marley's "Stir It Up". But really, I guess most of his music is highly reggae influenced... Yet some how it just can't be classified as such. Still, sounds really good and it's always good relaxing music.

"Goodnight Goodnight" by Hot Hot Heat
Hot Hot Heat Goodnight

I remember when I was first really getting into music and I used to watch MTV, Fuse, and VH1 all the time just hoping to see a video I actually liked which sadly wasn't too often... Still, among the music videos I did like was "Bandages" by Hot Hot Heat. I think I liked it so much because the video was so bizarre and the music actually stood out. It was so raw, but yet not really heavy at all. Then their next album came out and by this time I knew way more about music. I heard this song and was blown away by how much it reminded me of The Beatles! Although, looking back, it might have been mostly because of their accents... I thought it was weird how it sounded almost nothing like their last album and wasn't nearly as raw. The album was more pop than anything! Still, there was a few really good songs on it with experimental guitar parts and the singer's got a good voice, so it's not horrible. Still, this song sounds really good to me and is pretty catchy too!

"I Will Survive" by Cake

Yes, this is a cover of Gloria Gaynor's 1978 "I Will Survive", but I honestly prefer this version more. Some people don't like the vocal work, but I think it's got a slight Sinatra feel behind it. Though, it might just be me... Still, cake is another really original band and always has been. They've always just done their own thing and they're loved because of it too! They also do a few other interesting covers such as "War Pigs" by Black Sabbath and "Mahna, Mahna" by Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem(muppet's band). Definitely worth giving a listen to!

"King Without A Crown" by Matisyahu

A Jewish reggae rapper. As soon as you hear that, you probably think it's either a joke or something, but no, it actually sounds really really good. The music and vocals both sound amazing. Personally, I prefer his original version of this song since it was way more raw and down to earth as if they could have been playing some kind of bar or something, but sadly only this second version of it had a video. Still, this version is amazing too, so no worry.

Well, I guess that should be enough for now...
I might do something like this some other time.
Anyway, as I said before, let me know if you want
any of the albums these songs are on!


Black Sabbath - Paranoid - 1970

can't upload

Unfortunately the site has taken down my previous post of this album
and sent me a warning telling me not to do it again. So, sorry guys,
if you want this one, you'll have to look elsewhere, but trust me,
with as great and famous as this one is, that should be no problem.
Even if I fail, the ideals and benefits of new age piracy shall live on!
I have also decided that whenever I get a new band together,
all of our music will always be free. Sure, to make enough money
to live off of it, we'd have to constantly be gigging and sell a lot of
merchandise and really, really cool album covers, but really,
all of those are things I enjoy anyway and I just want enough cash
to live, so there's no real draw backs.

Anyway, I'm not making this post to rant or anything like that,
no, I'm just not really in the ranting mood today. No, I'm making
this post because even though I can't upload this album,
I know a bunch of other people will and I love this album so much
that I figured I could still at least make a small review about it.
But, since I had already written a review about it(twice I believe),
I'm going to make it short and just say that it's one of the best
albums ever created and whether you buy or download it,
you should really just get your hands on it if you haven't already!


Insanity: An Artist's Most Beloved Weapon

I have always had at least a slight obsession with both insanity and spirals and over the years it has grown. Yes, the solitude has helped me understand insanity a lot better, but, although I might have been at several points, I honestly don't believe I am insane. Or at least not completely. What I have come to understand is that despite what most people seem to think, insanity doesn't necessarily have anything to do with a loss of self-control or any such thing like it. Insanity is just thinking and seeing this realm differently from the majority, so in truth, in order to truly prosper, we must all be at least a little insane. Still, too much of anything is never completely a good thing. Without any grip on some form of commonly agreed upon sanity, we would have very little, if any, connection with one another and advances in this realm would become all but hopeless. Many, myself included, would debate that achievements in this reality are meaningless, but at the same time even I am curious to test the boundaries of this world and see how far we can bend every last law of physics and rule of logic and without the aid of one another, these boundaries will go almost completely untested. Still, my obsession with insanity forces me to admire those who are seemingly completely insane and detached the world we know. Their bodies live and brains function, but their minds are on a completely new level all on its own leaving the body to wonder through our version of sanity in utter confusion. Whenever someone like this is brought to my attention, I can't help but become overcome with thoughts desperately trying to grasps theirs despite how futile I know my attempts are. Still, it's a challenge and all challenges offer some form of reward.

As for spirals, I have come to the conclusion that their a perfect symbolic representation of the mind being driven to insanity during those moments when you can actually feel your thoughts changing and turning towards a new direction, so in a way, my co-obsession with them is only natural. Spirals and insanity are one in the same.

Furthermore, as for insanity being an artist's weapon, well, that should already be pretty obvious. Art, regardless of form, is always self-expression. If you create something that is not honestly expressing how you feel or think about anything, then it is, no matter how perfect, not truly art. Sanity is the turning away from true expression and stepping into conformity, so without insanity there would be no true art.

To sum things up, although too much of it will leave you detached from this realm, insanity still brings lots of benefits, so if we want to advance in this world as much as possible, we must learn to find an even ground between both the concepts of sanity and insanity. But, remember, over time the standards for sanity will change in every way. What is considered insane now will eventually switch places with sanity just like it's done before and it will continue to do so until the end of time because in the end, sanity is really just a fictional human concept designed to point out people who don't quite fit in with the current idea of normality. Eventually, the whole concept will all come crashing down and the terms and ideas involved will be forgotten, but until that day comes, we should still work with both sides of the coin.

Thank you anyone who actually read all of this
and as always, feel free to add to this.

Pink Floyd - A Saucerful Of Secrets - 1968

If it isn't already obvious,
I'm in love with the works of Syd Barrett!
Although this was only Pink Floyd's second album,
it was sadly also the last official studio album
of theirs to feature Syd. Apparently, his heavy drug use
had finally started to take a toll on his mental state
and the life of a rock star only worsened things even more,
so he made the decision to leave the band.
But, as sad and regretful as that is, his spiral down
into insanity did lead to a very odd, yet brilliant in every way,
album that is loved by almost every psych-head who's ever heard it!
The only real complaints I've heard about this album
from those who know how to appreciate the good in insanity
is that it isn't as "raw" as the first album and although that
is true, all that really means is that it's less of an actual
'rock' album and more of a musical theme for both
a trip into insanity and... "other" trips as well!
Though, like all the best psych albums,
it makes it possible to "trip out" with any
other external help needed.

In truth, its kind of a short album,
but after the instrumental journey the twelve minute
long title track takes you on and the psychedelic genius
of the other six tracks, you'll have to agree to that this album
is nothing short of a psych masterpiece! But to me, even outside
the realm of psych music, it should still be considered a masterpiece!
I mean, in parts of this album, there are clear classical influences.
Sure, anyone, with the right instruments, can make something sound
somewhat classical, but few people can pull it off this well while still
containing a solid psychedelic vibe of pure melancholy insanity.
Over all, it's a beautiful album with a sound like no other.

Track Listing

1. Let There Be More Light - 5:39

2. Remember A Day - 4:33

3. Set The Controls For The Heart Of The Sun - 5:27

4. Corporal Clegg - 4:12

5. A Saucerful Of Secrets - 12:00

6. See-Saw - 4:37

7. Jugband Blues - 3:00

So sorry for the long absence...

I felt that too much time on the Internet was starting to effect my mind, so I decided to take a short break from it. It went on longer than expected, but hopefully it wasn't too long. Still, my apologies for the few of you who do frequent this blog and you have my appreciation if any of you have continued to check back every so often in hopes of an update. For those of you curious about what I have been up to, it's been mostly drawing and reading with intense meditation and occasional solo bass jams. I will return to the uploads and whatnot and although I cannot make any promises about their frequencies, I can make the promise that they will never come to a complete stop. If that were to ever happen, then it'd mean that I ran out of music and I doubt that'll happen any time soon, so there's no need to worry! Now if you'll excuse me, I need to start work on the next upload.

Thank you for your time.
-Chase The Drummer


A picture I drew in class the other day...

The Abstract Mind

Now, it's not perfect, but it's just something I did while I was bored
and for something done in a short time with an unsharpened pencil,
I must say that I am quite proud of it. In case you can't read the words
for whatever reason, they say "Life is just a a state of mind. An excuse
to die". Now, some people have read this and thought that it was pretty
suicidal, but it's not really about death, it's just more about a statement
about this life. We are only in this world for as long as our minds function
and the only time that they stop is in death. No matter who you are
or what you do, you life will end in death. Now, whatever your views
on the after life are, aside from atheists, whenever you die, you transcend
into the next stage whatever that must be meaning that death is not
an end, but a beginning meaning that for the most part, this life
is really not that important and in the end we are merely living
through it just to die at some point. The image itself was meant to
basically reflect the was I feel I move through life. Mainly as just a
single abstract consciousness drifting through the ocean of life.

But, whatever your take on this drawing is, is just as true as anything
that I might have intended it to mean. In the end, the two main
reasons for art is to one, make you feel something and two, make you
think and if I can at least do one of the two, then I've already
accomplished more then I expected to. Feel free to tell me
your own opinions about what this might mean good or bad.
Either way, I'll be excited to know what others think!


Soft Machine - Volume Two - 1969

When I first saw this, I spent hours looking at the cover
just trying to understand what was going on... I mean,
yeah, I guess it's supposed to be a play on the fact that
'soft machine' means the human body, but aside from that,
I just could not and still can not understand exactly what is happening.
But, I suppose that's normal with these kinds of albums...
A strange album cover and seemingly messy songs
which often seem extremely unorganized and unprofessional...
But, strangely, none of that stops me from liking this album.
I mean, yeah, it's obvious that they were overly trying to be
abstract and experimental, but the music is still great!
All the psych cliches they use actually really works for them.
They really do just pull it all together quite nicely...

Track Listing

1. Pataphysical Introduction Pt. 1 - 0:58

2. A Concise British Alphabet Pt. 1 - 0:13

3. Hibou, Anemone, and Bear - 5:59

4. A Concise British Alphabet Pt. 2 - 0:12

5. Hulloder - 0:54

6. Dada Was Here - 3:26

7. Thank You Pierrot Lunaire - 1:34

8. Have You Ever Been Green? - 0:34

9. Phataphysical Introduction Pt. 2 - 0:51

10. Out Of Tunes - 2:32

11. As Long As He Lies Perfectly Still - 2:34

12. Dedicated To You But You Weren't Listening - 2:32

13. Fire Engine Passing With Bells Clanging - 2:44

14. Pig - 2:39

15. Orange Skin Food - 1:48

16. A Door Opens And Closes - 0:54

17. 10:30 Returns To The Bedroom - 4:01

Indecent Exposure Is A Lie!

Honestly, the human body disgusts me...
But, I also realize that I only feel that way because that's how we've been raised. Sure, you might say "Is not! I love porn!", but the thing is, if we didn't think that the human body was gross to some extent, then there would be a lot less people wearing clothes outside on a daily bases. See, in some place you do need clothes in order to keep yourself from freezing to death and I also understand the modern day need for pockets too, but just the fact the they made it illegal to "expose" certain parts of your body for no real reason is already proof enough that we are being trained to be ashamed of our bodies and as for the term "indecent exposure", well... Really, there is no such thing as indecent exposure. It's a lie! Here's what the definition of it is...

"Indecent exposure is the deliberate exposure by a person of a portion or portions of his or her own body under circumstances where such an exposure is likely to be seen as contrary to the local commonly accepted standards of decency."

And now here's the definition of decency...

"Decency is conformity to sociocultural standards of conduct and speech."

So, you see, it's mostly just a way to scare the masses into a state of conformity so that they're easier to control. But really, by these definitions almost anything could be considered indecent exposure! If I were to stumble into a town where everyone wore long selves and thought it was rude to show arm hair and I just happened to be wearing short selves like I always am, then by law they can have me arrested. But, it also goes the other way too thankfully. If I walked into a town full of people who didn't really see the point in clothes, then it wouldn't matter what I wore! No one would get arrested for wearing anything or nothing and that's the way it should be. But no, congress and authority members really don't like to follow the rules they supposedly are meant to enforce if it in any way contradicts with their plans. So, what is commonly accepted as the standard of decency is decided by just a small group of people who really don't even care if people are offended by nudity or not, but I'm sure they've all got their reasons. Some want to control, some do it to help the economy by making it mandatory to buy stuff like clothes, some do it out of respect for tradition, but the worse of all are the morons who honestly believe that if a child is exposed to nudity it'll ruin them forever and that no matter what the situation is, some parts of the body can only be shown in a perverted way. Yes, I agree that children shouldn't experience anything sexual, but hiding the majority of the human body from them, telling them keep their bodies covered up, and teaching them that certain parts are "naughty", you're really just doing way more harm then good! You're putting them in a situation where when they do finally see the body of the opposite sex, they won't know what to do or what to think and you're also just making the human body appear even more tempting and more of a turn on then it should be which just makes the problem trying to be solved about a thousand times worse! Not only that, but it also causes most people to grow up feeling ashamed of their bodies and the ones who don't feel that way feel bad for not being ashamed! Both of which just leads to lower self esteem!

There is nothing good that can come out of this...
I mean, even for you uptight Christians who like to control everyone's thoughts and tell them that asking questions is a sin (don't worry, I know it's really only an annoying handful of you guys like that...) I you'd even actually pay attention to the bible you'd notice that Adam and Eve were created without any clothes and they didn't wear any. They didn't see any need too! It was only AFTER they disobeyed God and ate the forbidden fruit that they became ashamed of their bodies which really just added to God's anger, so you of all people should be the ones prancing around outside in the nude with big signs saying "Don't arrest me, I was born this way!". It's just another case of picking and choosing to back up your side of the debate... You say everyone should blindly follow the laws written in the bible no matter what it says, but the moment someone mentions that it says you can sell your daughter into slavery, you get all mad and offended and why is that? Because you know it's wrong to do something like that and it goes against your morals. I mean, sure, morals are also bull shit and constantly change from time to time and place to place, but since decency is supposed to be the law, it MUST be important, right?

But sorry, I got off track...
Now, back to 'decency' and 'indecent exposure'.

You know, they're not stopping at just making sure people are wearing clothes anymore. Now, it can get in trouble for having your underwear showing! That means, it's no longer about covering up, it's a fashion issue now! Just because some uptight folks think it's gross, it's now wrong to do it. This does fall into the whole decency thing, but really, where's all the freedom our country promises us? Last time I check, freedom of expression is one of our rights and that right almost directly contradicts the whole "decency law" which since freedom of expression is a right and not just a privilege, any law pertaining to decency, unless it physically effects another, is therefor overturned and not an actual law. So, where whatever you want and even go out in the nude if you want to. Thanks to our freedoms, you technically aren't breaking any laws at all! Well... Unless you're a weirdo and just wanna do it to fulfill some sick sexual fantasy... But, other then that, you're good! Hell, you can even say whatever you want to whoever you want as long as you are not directly threatening anyone or lying while under oath, so all the talk about banning the "N" word, don't pay any mind to it. If you know it's going to offend someone who hears it, then it'd be polite to not say it, but it's really just up to you. The worse part about it is that not only would a ban on it go against our right to freedom of expression, but it would also obviously go against our right to freedom of speech!

But, I got off track again...
My point is that indecent exposure is a lie and thanks to our rights as Americans and more importantly, our rights as living beings, there is no actual law against being nude in public. Sure, you'd probably have a hard as hell time trying to convince people of that or even getting them to admit to it, but if we want our freedom as living creatures in this existence back, then we can not be afraid to go to jail for the things we believe in. We must challenge these sorts of things in the courts and show up extremely prepared to make our cases clear. There have been a few rare cases where people in situations much like this have won in American courts, but it's been so rare due to lack of intelligent people actually trying to make a point and prove something that most people are too scared to do what must be done. Just gathering signatures and talking won't solve anything. Do those things too, but if you think a "law" which is being enforced directly contradicts with the rights the people of this country have been promised, then don't be afraid to break that law! Just make sure that when you are brought to court, you make your case and point completely clear and be prepared to argue without ever letting down. Though you may fail, you will encourage others to follow and with enough people doing so, congress will be forced to rethink things. They love their control, but just remind them that they work for us!


FOXX - The Revolt Of Emily Young - 1970

Here's a very peaceful psych album.
It's what you'd call a concept album and for those of you who
don't know what that means (which I'm sure most of you do),
it means an album which tells one story through the lyrics
of all, or at least most, of the songs on it. As you can guess from
the album name, it's about someone named Emily Young.
Interesting little story backed my interesting music.
Honestly, it's not even close to the best album I've heard,
but it's still a pretty good one and it's good for those of you
who prefer the more uppity stuff.

Also, sorry it's been so long since my last upload.
I just don't have as much time since my classes started up again...

Track Listing

1. New Bethel Awakening - 3:39

2. Rebecca's Prayer - 1:59

3. Doctor John - 2:10

4. Sunshine Children - 2:34

5. Rock Jock Bobby Sloan - 3:31

6. In The Garden - 3:15

7. Syndrome Of Change - 4:26

8. Highway Children - 3:24

9. Into Something Real - 3:22

10. Opus Epyllion (The Age Of Light) - 3:53

11. Flight Termination - 3:51

12. Just Another Village Incident - 2:26

13. Last Words - 2:16

14. New Bethel Awakening II - 1:12

15. The Revolt Of Emily Young - 2:30



I really do apologize for the lack of posts.
I would have had more uploaded,
but someone keeps deleting the last one I uploaded...
I guess I'll just have to give up on having it up for now.
I will trying to continue uploading albums
while juggling school, research, and all of my
artistic ventures. But, while I'm here,
I might as well ask for a little help.

For those of you who don't know (not sure if I
have ever actually mentioned it or not) being a
writer is one of my many many dreams and recently
I have been wanting to help out in the creation
of either a comic or a flash cartoon. Problem is
that although I love drawing, my ability to draw
people (as well as most actual objects) is extremely
limited and every attempt to draw even one
panel of a comic strip ends in horror and failure.
I still plan to keep trying, but it would be nice
to work together with an artist to try to create something.

I'd like to start off easy like with a comedy or something,
but eventually do something a bit more serious.
The artist doesn't even have to be all that good either.
Just good enough to make it clear what's happening.
So, really, almost anyone who is willing would be great!

The main reason I want to do this is because I really don't think
that text by itself can really convey a story strong enough.
Sure, I've read lots of books that are probably way better off
staying in book form, but with those, it's usually the meaning
or the point behind the actual words that make it great
and not the actual story itself. This might just be my opinion,
but still. For now, I'd really prefer to have some kind of
art behind something I write. Thank you.