A picture I drew in class the other day...

The Abstract Mind

Now, it's not perfect, but it's just something I did while I was bored
and for something done in a short time with an unsharpened pencil,
I must say that I am quite proud of it. In case you can't read the words
for whatever reason, they say "Life is just a a state of mind. An excuse
to die". Now, some people have read this and thought that it was pretty
suicidal, but it's not really about death, it's just more about a statement
about this life. We are only in this world for as long as our minds function
and the only time that they stop is in death. No matter who you are
or what you do, you life will end in death. Now, whatever your views
on the after life are, aside from atheists, whenever you die, you transcend
into the next stage whatever that must be meaning that death is not
an end, but a beginning meaning that for the most part, this life
is really not that important and in the end we are merely living
through it just to die at some point. The image itself was meant to
basically reflect the was I feel I move through life. Mainly as just a
single abstract consciousness drifting through the ocean of life.

But, whatever your take on this drawing is, is just as true as anything
that I might have intended it to mean. In the end, the two main
reasons for art is to one, make you feel something and two, make you
think and if I can at least do one of the two, then I've already
accomplished more then I expected to. Feel free to tell me
your own opinions about what this might mean good or bad.
Either way, I'll be excited to know what others think!


Anonymous said...

Wow!I love the drawing and the music you post here!. Keep up the good work!

Chase The Drummer said...

Thank you my friend!

Einar said...

I feel very dizzy - or it could be a flashback. eek

Chase The Drummer said...

Ha ha, yeah, I might be just a bit too "old school", heh.

MountanMedia Wayne said...

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