FOXX - The Revolt Of Emily Young - 1970

Here's a very peaceful psych album.
It's what you'd call a concept album and for those of you who
don't know what that means (which I'm sure most of you do),
it means an album which tells one story through the lyrics
of all, or at least most, of the songs on it. As you can guess from
the album name, it's about someone named Emily Young.
Interesting little story backed my interesting music.
Honestly, it's not even close to the best album I've heard,
but it's still a pretty good one and it's good for those of you
who prefer the more uppity stuff.

Also, sorry it's been so long since my last upload.
I just don't have as much time since my classes started up again...

Track Listing

1. New Bethel Awakening - 3:39

2. Rebecca's Prayer - 1:59

3. Doctor John - 2:10

4. Sunshine Children - 2:34

5. Rock Jock Bobby Sloan - 3:31

6. In The Garden - 3:15

7. Syndrome Of Change - 4:26

8. Highway Children - 3:24

9. Into Something Real - 3:22

10. Opus Epyllion (The Age Of Light) - 3:53

11. Flight Termination - 3:51

12. Just Another Village Incident - 2:26

13. Last Words - 2:16

14. New Bethel Awakening II - 1:12

15. The Revolt Of Emily Young - 2:30


Anonymous said...

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Chase The Drummer said...

I'll check it out man!

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zappahead said...

this looks an interesting album....never heard of them before but a nice write up by your goodself has drawn me to it....thanks for the share.

Chase The Drummer said...

Thank you my friend!
Hope you liked it!

Anonymous said...

I have this album on vinyl, was listening to it in my childhood (quite a while ago) but now I don't have the technical possibility to rip it to mp3. I've been looking for it forever on the web. Thanks for sharing!

Chase The Drummer said...

Always glad to know I've helped someone out!

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